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The necessity for shipping a vehicle in California can occur to any owner, buyer, seller or dealership. is here to lend a helping hand by shipping a car to California and its surroundings. We eliminate the problems you might experience if you decide to ship your car with companies without resources or experience., we are a company that is top rated and has earned a reputation through serving our customers well. Positive reviews left on our website speak on our behalf.

Our experienced logistics professionals will efficiently oversee shipping of any size of car from or to California. We are convenient and offer our customers hassle free experiences. To better prepare for your car shipping in California, we advise you to remove any items that might be damaged along the way as well as inspect your car. Inspecting your car will help you confirm that the car has been delivered in the condition it was picked up in.

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The third-largest state behind Texas and Alaska, California, wasn’t always part of the United States of America.  Mexico surrendered the state to the union after the war in 1847, and it soon became known as the Eldorado state due to the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848. California is home to some of America’s spectacular national parks and world-famous institutions such as Yosemite, Hollywood, Disneyland, and Angel Island.  Los Angeles County is the most populated county in the US, At the same time, the city of LA, California, is the second-most populous metropolis area after New York City, with San Bernardino being the largest county by area nationwide.

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Where California now exists, the land was part of the Spanish empire, and before that was settled by native Californian tribes whom the first Europeans explored it with their 16th and 17th-century expeditions. By 1804, the Spanish New Spain viceroyalty included this region in its Alta California province, after which it became part of Mexico after the war of independence in 1821. California was later ceded to the US after its successful Mexican American war of 1848, and the 31st state was admitted to the union in 1850.


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Shipping a car to California fast is made possible by our experienced drivers who know all about fastest and safe routes.  Some of the routes our drivers  use is the I-5 speedway, which traverses the length of California from the south in LA through Santa Clarita and Castaic to Gorman, Lebec, and Wheeler Ridge near Mettle. Veering north-eastwards, we follow the circuit that passes through Button Willow and Lost Hills on the way to Sacramento. I-10 from Ehrenberg and Blythe on the Arizona border runs the southern breadth of California to Los Angeles via Riverside and Palm Springs.

 This freeway goes through the suburbs and towns of Mesa Verde, Desert Center, Chiriaco summit, Indio, and before coming to the metropolis of Redlands in San Bernardino, Ontario, and Pomona in LA. I-15 transverses most of the southern part of California from the Mexican border at San Diego to Los Angeles at the San Bernardino area through Temecula and Riverside, and this speedway continues northwest over the prairies of Yermo, Manix, midway, and baker at the edge of the Mojave National Preserve. The I-40 motorway leaves Victorville and Barstow, where it branches off south-westwards to Dagget and Newberry springs. For California car shipping services, call us today through (800) 757-7125.

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