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  As opposed to our shipping services where we use our resources to load the car on a carrier and transport it to you, our drive away services are different. They are both viable options and one as efficient as the next. Our drive away services involve the use of a driver specialized in driveaway services to deliver your car while driving it.

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  Whether you are an auto dealer that often deals with the transport of vehicles on online platforms or other platforms, chances are you will need some vehicle transport services. Having dealt with numerous transport services, we are pleased to offer our driveaway transport services. The risks involved with driving the vehicle over a long distance are numerous. For instance, when you get tired, you can lose focus and end up in a grim situation. Let us handle your needs. We guarantee to meet your expectations and more.

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  Our shipping company has a variety of specialized experts. When you entrust your drive away needs to us we only use specialist to deliver your car. The difference between a successful driveaway and others are the type of driver used.

  We use high standards when selecting the drivers in to deliver your vehicle. Whenever possible, we connect you and the driveaway driver so you can keep tabs on the progress of your car. In case of any changes, which rarely happens, we notify you through our customer service agents. Once we issue an invoice, we do not change the prices. The rates are fixed with no underlying hidden costs. Contact us today and get a free consultation on all your auto transport issues.

Driveaway Services.


We offer our driveaway services all over the United States and other countries such as Canada for corporations, dealers, and manufacturers. The reliable, timely, and safe deliveries are accessible to every client regardless of the magnitude of their operation. We aim to improve our clients’ profitability and at the same time provide them with efficient services. We do this by providing accurate logistic details and improved scheduling.

The main advantage is that driveaway is cheaper and more accessible than auto shipping. The process it takes to book a drive away is, and few parameters are involved. While shipping does not affect the engine since there is no ignition, drive away adds mileage to the vehicle and thus some wear and tear can be accepted. Despite having its setbacks, our driveaway service is reliable and does not contain any hidden costs such as change of fluid or fuel money.

Most people considering to opt for driveaway services are usually stuck between driveaway services and auto shipping using carriers. The main difference is the means of transportation used. For carriers used in auto shipping, it can further be interpreted to open and closed carriers while for driveaway services, the type of driver; armature or professional.

There are no professional driveaway drivers per se. In some cases, companies hire your vehicle to people looking for a rental car and traveling to the same location you are in. In such cases, the client is given an option, and if they trust the renter, then they can sign up for these services. Our company handpicks a driver who can deliver your car safely and has previous experience of traveling long distances

We rely on a team of experienced fleet drivers who handle each operation with the seriousness it deserves. We not only offer competitive quotes with reasonable rates, but our quotes are also accurate. Once we send you an invoice and get your approval, you can rest assured there will not be any hidden costs.

Although drive away services has its fair share of risks, we make sure we have addressed the contingencies before the task. We also offer 24/7 auto tracking and an insurance cover plan included in the quote. When your cargo is in freight, you might want to know where your goods are and their route.

You don’t necessarily have to call us to see the progress of your operation. You can go to our website and find all the details you need. Moreover, our team of specialist is always ready to take you through the basics of the operations and the relevance of specific processes, for instance, making a stop during the transport might mean the driver is checking the state of the vehicle. Contact us today, and we will gladly provide solutions for your open carrier auto transport needs.

Our committed, friendly and professional employees have managed to make each operation time and again successful by providing a seamless communication channel between our clients and an inbound team of drivers. Although the rate of clients who seek driveaway services has decreased, our driveaway services are still widely accessible in any of our agents countrywide.

For the most part, people do not prefer handing over their car to other people for them to drive it. To that effect, before offering our services to our clients, we take them through the whole process. In case of any questions, we take time to address them and gradually build the much-needed trust required in this part of the industry.

Our services are available for regional mover; one or two states and clear cut across the country. The rates vary depending on the distance to be covered by the driveaway service. Since our staff consists of different professionals who have specialized in various fields, we can transport different vehicles. We strive to maintain our position as the best driveaway service provider, that’s why we spend time coming up with more resources, tactics, techniques, and strategies to keep our competitive prices on top of the chain.

Auto transport provides personalized and consistent services to its customers. We believe client-transport company relationship is the key to increasing the efficiency in the transport industry. Our pricing, sales, and company administrative are strategically positioned to allow easy access for clients looking for personal based customer services.


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