Shipping a Car To Another State

Drive away services are a bit different than traditional car shipping services. Usually, we load a car on a carrier and transport it to you. When you use a drive away service, an experienced driver will drive your car to the destination. Both are viable options based on your needs. provides a variety of car shipping solutions. Shipping a car to another state is one of our specialties. Call and speak with a logistics agent. They'll provide the best transport solutions based on your needs. is ready to guide you through your vehicle shipment. We'll provide you with all the details for transporting a car to another state.

Nationwide Auto Transport

When you transport with us, you get a quality nationwide shipping experience. We'll ship your car across the country, or across the state. State to state car shipping requires special permits. We'll acquire those for you, so you have a hassle-free shipping experience. A logistics agent is standing by to get started.

State to State
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We support all 50 States, including Alaska and Hawaii Car Shipping

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Our team has you covered.

Over a Decade of State to State Car Shipping Experience

For over a decade has shipped cars to every state in the nation. We transport any type of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and oversize automobiles. Your transport specialist provides quality service and care when shipping a car to another state. Whether you need to transport your car across town or to the farthest reaches of Alaska, we're here to get it done.

At we have high expectations of our service. We work with the best drivers to ensure your car is safe when transported to another state. It's our mission to provide you with the best shipping solutions available. We transport cars from state to state every day, and enjoy making our clients happy. If it's time to transport your car to another state, then it's time to call

Our Best Solutions For Shipping a Car to Another State

Aside from state to state car shipping, we provide a variety of other services. For instance, we offer both domestic and international car drive away services. That means instead of putting your car on a trailer, a highly skilled and safe driver will drive your car to another state for you. Corporations, dealers, and manufacturers are among our top clients. Because we only use the best professionals, our driveaway services are top notch. At we put the client first, which means we care about your car. We offer custom drive away transport solutions on a case by case basis.

Driveaway services are often cheaper than shipping a car on a trailer. The process it takes to book a drive away is easy, especially when you speak to our logistics team! Drive away services do add some mileage to the odometer. Natural exposure to the roads and elements occurs.
Auto shipping with a trailer requires a loading and unloading point. You can ship a car on an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Enclosed trailers cost more, but they keep the car safe from the elements. It’s a great choice for classic cars or luxury vehicles.
If you need drive away services, then Auto Transport is the company to call. We use only experienced and reliable drivers. Your car is important to you, so we make sure your driveaway experience is a quality one. For more details on drive away and if it’s best for you, call our logistics team now. (800) 757-7125
Auto Transport works with the best drivers to handle vehicle transport. If you want the most affordable rates with no hidden fees, then call us today. We provide custom vehicle shipping solutions to fit your needs. With Auto Transport, the client always comes first.
When you need drive away services, you need a reliable company. You’re literally putting your car in someone else’s hands. With that in mind, we offer 24/7 auto tracking and an insurance cover plan included in the quote. We provide every safety precaution available to put your mind at ease.
Our logistics team will provide you with step-by-step details about your driveaway service. This includes everything from the route to expected delivery time. Auto Transport provides the best domestic and international drive away services. Call us now and we’ll get you a free drive away service estimate.
At Auto Transport we handle every aspect of drive away service. This relieves you of any strain and provides confidence we’ll get the job done right. Your logistics agent will be in contact with you from quote to delivery. They’ll handle each detail with precision.
If you need drive away services, then count on Auto Transport for a smooth delivery. Speaking with a logistics agent is the best way to have all your questions answered. They’ll explain everything and make sure the entire process is transparent. Call now and let’s get your easy driveaway started. (800) 757-7125
Since drive away service requires a stranger to drive you car, you want to go with a company you can trust. At Auto Transport we have a skilled logistics team that puts you first. Every decision made is to ensure your car is handled by the best.
Rates vary based on the need of your driveaway services. Our logistics team searches high and low to provide you the best prices. They will hand-pick the best driver for your car and have everything ready when it’s time to dispatch. Auto Transport is the leading company for drive away services, because we do it right.