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This method is less common since its visibility is hindered by a container transporting the vehicle. Our team of professionals will take you through some of the basics of carrying your car using this method and the advantages of using this method. For instance, when transporting a classic or an expensive luxury vehicle, this method is highly recommended.

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This method is the opposite of open carrier auto transport. In this method, the vehicles to be transported are housed in a container before being attached to the truck for shipping. The number of classic cars in the enclosed carrier is limited, unlike open carriers. There are a few factors that are considered before using the enclosed method for transportation. When the vehicle transport requires some protection from weather elements such as rain, snow, and wind, the enclosed method is the go-to option.

Protection Using Enclosed Carriers

There are more wrongdoers out there than you can imagine. One of the reasons we provide the enclosed carrier transport option is to shield your car from individuals with malice intent. Our top-notch enclosed carriers securely keep the exotic or high-value cars from plain view thus reducing the chances of a rogue attack.

Imagine sipping an exotic car in an open carrier across the country; chances are bad people will pick up on the car and make malicious plans. We consider all the possible risks and offer a suitable solution that mitigates them. Therefore, for exotic and high-value vehicles, our protective measures are sufficient to see the operation through.

Closed Carriers

Transport Planning

With our safe and fully insured enclosed carrier plan you can be assured your vehicle(s) will arrive at their destination safely. We offer affordable rates for a secure operation that comes in handy when transporting multiple cars on a budget. This method is widely accessible; you can check out the procedures and operations surrounding the open carrier method. Since the trailer is open and exposed to the environment, loading and unloading are easier which makes this method faster.

Ultimately, an enclosed carrier offers better protection while the vehicle is being transported. Nonetheless, enclosed carrier transport does not come without its disadvantages. This method is relatively expensive since only a few cars are carried at a time. Despite some companies offering services to limited locations, we do not discriminate our enclosed carrier services to any place. We know the auto transport industry which allows us to deliver on schedule.

We rely on a team of experienced fleet drivers who handle each operation with the seriousness it deserves. We not only offer competitive quotes with reasonable rates, but our quotes are also accurate. Once we send you an invoice and get your approval, you can rest assured there will not be any hidden costs.

Although the open carrier has its fair share of risks, we make sure we have addressed the contingencies before the task. We also offer 24/7 auto tracking and an insurance cover plan included in the quote. When your cargo is in freight, you might want to know where your goods are and their route.

You don’t necessarily have to call us to see the progress of your operation. You can go to our website and find all the details you need. Moreover, our team of specialist is always ready to take you through the basics of the operations and the relevance of specific processes, for instance, making a stop during the transport might mean the driver is checking the state of the vehicle. Contact us today, and we will gladly provide solutions for your open carrier auto transport needs.

Using an enclosed carrier means you won’t be stuck behind your wheel trying to transport the vehicle from one location to another. Every car owner is bound to worry about getting a scratch on their car, why stress over damaging your vehicle when you could rely on our enclosed carriers services. Our network of operators throughout the country facilitate a smooth operation from start to finish. This is translated by the timely deliveries we make from every time. From the annoying traffic to regular stops by some authorities, we handle each operation expertly. You can trust us to ship your valuable car across the country safely and according to schedule.

Our insurance policies and cover carter for any unforeseen situations that might occur during transportation. Cost containment is crucial in the transportation industry is vital. Our 5/5 star business provides a contingency insurance cover that helps you manage your exposure to risk with respect to the total amount involved in transportation. From fierce entrants in the transportation sector that might affect the operation to tight client schedules, it’s important to understand the risk associated with multi-vehicle transportation.

Once you opt for our enclosed carrier services, we offer a quote and explain the different parameters included in the quote. Since the enclosed carrier does not carry as many cars as the open carrier method, some compensation has to be made. Therefore the rates are relatively higher.

Nevertheless, our enclosed carrier services are just as efficient as all our auto transport services. In case you want to ship your vehicle with an enclosed carrier method, we can recommend some of the essential steps you can take before the actual delivery process. Do not take your delivery to chance, we specialize in auto transport, and thus far we have managed to stand out on top.

Ultimately, enclosed carrier auto is safer compared to open carrier transport. Therefore if you wish to transport your valuable collectible or exotic car from one location to another, you can opt for our reliable enclosed carrier services. You can handpick any of our enclosed trailers, and we will safely deliver your cargo. If you are still unsure of which method to use when transporting your car, we are more than willing to take you through the operations carried out to make each option successful.

We offer our services regardless of your budget; you can always check in with any of our agents to clear up any issue you have regarding enclosed carrier transport. From expensive exotic cars to classic cars, our enclosed carrier services are always on standby.

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   By using an auto transportation company like Auto Transport, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of payment methods and pay for the shipment in the easiest way possible for you. This is the easiest step to prepare for, and we aim to make it as easy as possible for you. Once your vehicle is in your hands, you get to drive off into the sunset!

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