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A lot of planning goes into shipping a car in Illinois. A lot of considerations such as their sizes, weights etc. This is where our specialists come in. They plan safe and secure transport for your car. We open or enclosed trailers depending on the number of cars to be transported and their types. Our car transport in Illinois is  made in a way that it meets every client’s needs.

We’ve been at the forefront of the Illinois car shipping sector for a considerable amount of time. We offer door to door car shipping services in Illinois as well as drop offs across the country. Trust us with your high end car and we will deliver it to your doorstep. offers affordable car transport in Illinois.

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Illinois is where the famous prohibition gangster al Capone hailed from Chicago, and so was it the residence of one of America’s most influential presidents, Abraham Lincoln. The NAACP was formed in Illinois after the Springfield riots in 1908. Many interstate motorways web their way all over Illinois from Chicago to the city of St. Louis, which the state shares with Missouri. Illinois is richer in recoverable bituminous coal reserves than any other US state, and the Sears Tower in Chicago is America’s tallest building.


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The slaughterhouses, mills and rail yards brought a colossal workforce to Illinois while Chicago became a haven for immigrants and blacks from the south. In Illinois, vehicle transport insurance is a requirement, and we are directly involved in securing secondary contingency insurance just for the move. Our car shipping services in Illinois are convenient and reliable. We offer expedited car transport in Illinois for clients who want their vehicles urgently shipped.


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The most common routes used by professional drivers include I-55, which leaves Chicago towards Joliet, Naperville, and Schaumburg and then heads south to Bloomington, Lincoln, Springfield, Litchfield, Edwardsville, and St. Louis. I-57 from Chicago takes  our dedicated drivers to Kankakee, Champaign, Tuscola, Mattoon, and Effingham.

 Further south, I-57 reaches Mt Vernon and continues to exit Illinois through the Shawnee National Forest. I-74 junctions from I-72 at Indianapolis and Champaign, going through Bloomington, Peoria, Knoxville, and Galesburg before heading straight north to Davenport. I-72 from Indianapolis heads in-state via Danville to Champaign and then via southwest to Decatur and Springfield before going straight west to the Jacksonville area. 

The route passes near Hannibal before joining up with I-172 to Quincy at the border with Missouri. To deliver your car on time, the routes we take matter. Our drivers have always used the shorter routes while shipping cars in Illinois. To transport a vehicle in Illinois, contact us today through (800) 757-7125.

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