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At AutoTransport.com, we ship vehicles anywhere to or from New Mexico. We have experienced, licensed  and reliable drivers who make New Mexico car transport easy. Our modest trailers carrying your vehicles are insured. We ensure to pick and drop your vehicle at the agreed time after you call us. We also offer a guide to help you prepare the car, van, truck or any other car for quick pick up. All cities in New Mexico have access to AutoTransport.com services. Our specialists will help you from the start to finish of your car shipping in New Mexico. 

AutoTransport.com offers a variety of New Mexico car shipping services. This includes open and closed carrier containers, drive away, and local towing options. We’re dedicated to providing custom New Mexico car shipping solutions. Each transport is different. So we provide solutions to fit your needs. If you’re moving to New Mexico for a new start, let us handle your car transport. Every detail of your car shipment is provided before transport. You can focus on other things, and have confidence your car will be delivered safely.

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Expedited transport of your car is available with AutoTransport.com using our modest trailers.  Whether you need your car shipped to a vacation destination, office building or private residence, we shall ship it faster and securely. As part of the Gadsden Purchase, New Mexico was bought from Spain to become a US territory but didn’t become a state until 1912. The state was the testing site for the Manhattan Project during the 2nd world war at the trinity bomb site near Alamogordo in 1945.

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When a farmer discovered strange debris on his property in 1947, speculation went rife about the presence of extraterrestrial life or crashed spacecraft near Roswell. The Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is one of the country’s foremost military installations for research in ballistics and bomb testing. Close to a quarter of the natives of this state speak an ancient dialect of Spanish that originated from Castilia. We handle all shapes and sizes of vehicles.


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AutoTransport.com has local New Mexico representatives who are familiar with the intricate road networks within the state. I-40 divides New Mexico in half at Albuquerque from Glenrio to Gallup through church rock, grants, and the Laguna pueblo. This highway’s eastern part goes through Moriarty, Santa Rosa, Newkirk, and Tucumcari before exiting New Mexico at Glenrio towards Amarillo, Texas.  I-25 crosses from north to south, from Raton to Anthony. At La Cruces on I-25, the I-10 heads west for our vehicle movers picking up or delivering cars to Deming and Lordsburg. 

After the Sevilleta National Wildlife Reserve, RV and bus transporters take highway 60 to Vaughn, where the 285 from Santa Fe rolls past Roswell to Lake Arthur, Artesia, Atoka, Dayton, and Seven Rivers. A-380 from San Antonio through Adobe Ranch and Cam Zozo before entering the Captain and Lincoln areas, which are a vacationer’s paradise. From Roswell, A-380 proceeds to Caprock and Tatum at the border with Texas. To transport a car in  New Mexico, call our toll free number today and get your free quote.

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