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Convenient Car Transport from California to Arkansas is the best car shipping company from California to Arkansas. We have more than ten years of experience and resources to help us transport any number of vehicles without a problem. Our specialists plan every shipment, process the required paperwork and fully insure each car. We offer door to door car transport from California to Alabama. We handle our clients’ vehicles with care and ensure that they are delivered in the very condition that we received them in. guarantees safe and convenient car transport from California to Arkansas. We provide each client with a specific agent who will follow up with your car shipment until it’s safely delivered. For updates, you can always call the agent given at any time of the day.

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Arkansas is the 29th largest state by area and 33rd most populous. It’s capital and the most populated city is Little Rock. Arkansas is found in the south central of the country. In 2018, it’s population was over 3 million people. Arkansas was the 25th state to be admitted to the Union on June 15th, 1836. There are many monuments and statues to visit while in Arkansas. Some of those include Dual State, Jackson Guards confederate, Confederate Soldiers and many more. We transport cars to every city in Arkansas.

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When transporting a car from California to Arkansas, we ensure that it’s dispatched at the right time so that it’s delivered before the given deadline. We carefully load the vehicles on our trailers to avoid any bruising or accident. Once dispatched, our drivers use route I-40 E that leads them all the way to Arkansas. From years of transporting cars all over the country, our drivers know the routes connecting different drop off locations within each state.

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When transporting a car from California to Arkansas, the cost varies depending with the distance, number of vehicles to be transported and more. The average distance between California and Arkansas is about 1805 miles. We use the distance between the pick up and drop off location to give you a shipping estimate. Our California to Arkansas car shipping estimates are free and accurate. provides conclusive shipping estimates without any hidden charges. To transport a car from California to Arkansas, contact us today through (800) 757-7125.

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