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Natasha Post / September 2020



Transportation of the two multiple vehicles was assigned to Josh. The 1949 Cadillac and the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette were to ship to a motor show in Newton, NJ 07860.

The journey from Jensen Beach, FL to Newton, NJ, would take two days to complete the 1185 miles distance. The 1949 Cadillac was picked up by the trailer at the NE Indian River drive while the 1969 Corvette was picked up along Orange Avenue.

The loading of the vehicle on an enclosed trailer was overseen by Josh, one of our experienced car shipping specialists. Affordable Multiple Car Transportation Services

Josh knew that the transportation of multiple cars goes beyond the pick-up and drop off of the car. Several crucial details have to be planned before the car is dispatched.

With the growth of online commerce, Josh understood that fast deliveries are a crucial aspect of the automobile industry. The demand for people to transport their cars is always increasing due to internet access.

Therefore, Josh and his team began the operation as soon as the client confirmed the request. The client was informed of the progress of the operation along the way.

" Thanks to the equipment provided by, he fastened the tie straps and ensured all the door locks on the vehicle were in place. "

When the driver got to the first milestone, he had to make integrity checks on the vehicles and the trailer. Thanks to the equipment provided by, he fastened the tie straps and ensured all the door locks on the vehicle were in place.

After arriving at the destination, the offloading operation was carried out with the help of our affiliates in the region. Efficient and Reliable Multiple Vehicles Transportation Services has handled numerous bulk car shipping operations in the past. With the help of car shipping operators such as Josh, these operations have been thus far successful.

Reviews left by our clients evidence the success of our operations. On the platform, clients can provide feedback on how we can improve our quality of services.

The input is then used by our agents and consultants to make ours the best car shipping service in the country. Call us today for multiple car shipping services.

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