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Shipping a Ford Excursion 2005 with

Natasha Post / October 2020



Julian, one of our most reputable specialists received a call from a client who urgently needed his Ford Excursion 2005 shipped from Jacksonville, Florida to Valdosta, GA. The client’s car had just broken down in the middle of the day and he urgently needed it taken to the garage and returned before evening to pick up the kids from school.

Julian had to race against time not to disappoint our client. Our dedicated specialists go to great lengths to put a smile on our client’s faces. Julian immediately processed the shipment and had the car insured. We always insure every shipment we make in full.

Fast Ford Excursion 2005 Car Shipping Services

Julian had already decided that the best trailer to use would be a flatbed. He called one of our affiliates near the pickup point and gave them the directions. When our driver got there, he carefully loaded the Ford Excursion 2005 with the help of the owner ensuring it was sitting right in the trailer.

He then strapped it down by tying the tyres on to the trailer. This would limit any movement while on transit. As soon as he confirmed to Julian that everything had gone well, the shipment was dispatched.

Our drivers are trained on how to carefully load and offload a car without any accidents. When it comes to transportation, we only deal with professionals.

" The client was really impressed because we had made it on time and hired our services again to take his car back home "

Reliable Car Shipping Services with

The shortest route to take was through highway I-10 W and I-75 N. There was minimal traffic and it would have been fast. Our driver ensured to drive at moderate speed to avoid any accident along the way. After 2 hours and 10 minutes, the driver was already at the destination and had already offloaded the car. Julian called the client and updated him. Over our ten years in business we have created a team that is specialized in Ford car transport and so much more.

The client was really impressed because we had made it on time and hired our services again to take his car back home. At, we always ensure to beat our client’s deadline and make it on time. To get our free estimate, give us a call through (800) 757-7125.

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