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2020 Mercedes Benz
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Natasha Post / September 2020



Hal was assigned with the transportation of the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV from Madison, WI 53713, to Mt Pleasant, SC. Hal has been transporting different vehicles for quite some time now.

He understood that larger and full-size SUVs have higher safety ratings than the smaller SUV. The additional weight meant that a different approach had to be used when fastening the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV on the flatbed trailer.

Hal used additional Ratchet straps on the back wheel to prevent wiggling during transit. Insured 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV Shipping Services

We take pride in the extensive services we offer to clients under one roof. With our competitive shipping rates, clients can transport their Mercedes vehicle to any destination countrywide. Antonio and his team made the Mercedes Benz SUV shipment on time and ensured the client was satisfied with the deliveries. With specialists such as Antonio on the job, we are the trusted car shipping service provider in all 50 states. All our services are offered to clients at affordable rates.

" Transporting the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV started with the trailer being inspected before loading. "

Transporting the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV started with the trailer being inspected before loading. Once Hal and his team were convinced the trailer could handle the load, they removed all loose objects in the vehicle and loaded it on the trailer.

Hal mapped out the milestones for the operation with the first being between Exit 276A lying along Interstate 39 and IL-53 Exit along I-20. The driver made integrity checks on these milestones and reported back to the dispatch team.

When the vehicle was close to the drop off point, Hal informed the client who made preparations for the offloading operation. Ships 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV Large across the Country at your Convenience

During the transport operation to Mt Pleasant, Hal recommended that the driver take a rest to stay alert on the road. Hal preferred that the driver take a fatigue break after every 160 miles on the 1063-mile journey. With a dispatch team monitoring the progress of the operation, the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV arrived at the destination on time.

The client had several questions about the shipment which were answered by our agents who are always on standby to process car shipping requests.
When transporting the 2020 Mercedes Benz SUV, Hal and his team kept a record of the operation. The records from our previous operations help us make future car shipments seamless and efficient. We insure the shipment to prioritize our clients’ best interest. All our safety measures are certified and do not attract any hidden costs.

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