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We have been in the car shipping industry long enough to know what it takes to transport different car models. In the effort to make our services more accessible and reliable, we have extended our services to the transportation of the Volkswagen e-golf. Win our many years of operation; we have had the privilege of transporting the Volkswagen e-golf to different locations across the country and beyond. Our team of affiliates and agents work collaboratively to oversee the successful transportation of your Volkswagen e-golf. With our state of the art equipment at our specialists’ disposal, the operation is guaranteed to be successful. We have an impressive record when it comes to the transportation of the Volkswagen e-golf called us today, and we will have your Volkswagen e-golf shipped securely and fast.

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AutoTrasnport.com takes pride in the successful car shipments we have made in the past. When clients come to us looking to have their Volkswagen e-golf shipped, we apply the same professionalism to their operation. Our platform helps clients select from a wide range of car shipping services, from towing services to enclosed trailers transport services, clients have access to all Volkswagen e-golf transport services under one roof. Our efficient services have always come through when transporting different car models and the Volkswagen e-golfs, not an exception. We process orders at record speeds and offer door to door delivery services.

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The Volkswagen e-golf is an electric version of the Golf car from the German manufacturer. The Volkswagen e-golf has a range of 93 miles. When the vehicle was first rolled out to the market, Volkswagen used 500 units to test the market reaction in 2011. The first ten units were tested in the Wolfsburg market in May 2011. Later 80 units were released into the market and tested in Berlin and Wolfsburg. All that while the car was referred to as the Volkswagen e-BlueMotion until it was renamed to the e-golf when the first delivery of 10 units set for field testing was delivered in Belmont, California.

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