How We Transported the
"Truck Night in America" Show

When we received the call from the History Channel’s show creators, we learned that they had been referred to us by the Discovery Channel’s Sticker Shock producers. had previously shipped 200 vintage cars successfully to and from the Sticker Shock set in Los Angeles, CA. This contract gave us the chance to supply the History Channel with vehicles for the show Truck Night in America, a knuckle-busting, teeth grinding truck versus terrain competition.

Featuring five contestants and their trucks, the ‘Truck Night in America’ show is shot amidst steep ridges, sandy flats, and clay thick lowland swamps. A series of elimination events reduce the participants to the last two, and these race against each other on a circuit aptly called ‘The Green Hell’! After the first race, the remaining four contestants are paired with four coaches and drivers can repair or modify their trucks at most twice in the competition. 

While a tough obstacle course pits five trucks at a time, testing their strength, handling, and speed, some of the show’s settings remain the same, and others change. The final ‘Green Hell’ is a no finisher, as so is the next season’ ‘Four Horsemen’ course that tests the turning, handling, and patience of the competitor and their trucks. A hill covered with logs, a muddy bog run, a car pull where trucks tow two other vehicles, and a scooter are some of the races’ challenges, designed to test the truck’s traction, power, and torque.


1. Searching the Nation

Working hand in hand with the shows producers we crawled different locations in the nation to pick up the custom trucks and began our transport process.

2. Transporting the Competitor's Trucks

From coast to coast each of the show’s competitors had different vehicles and truck with unique specifications and weight loads.

3. Deliver to Filming Location

We were able to successfully coordinate the logistics of over fifty trucks for the game show to and from the various filming locations!


What is History Channel’s Truck Night in America Is All About?

Expert coaches on the ‘Truck Night in America’ show explore how to garner maximum speed and efficiency from the trucks as they are put through the course’s paces. Durability and patience are tested in this show, and expert guides help competitors with modification strategies using tough love and constructive criticism.

The History channel required the shipping of the competitor’s customized trucks that had been selected through a national casting to the Sunnyside ATV Paradise in Jefferson County, Augusta, Georgia. was charged with the responsibility of delivering 50 trucks using enclosed trailer transportation from all corners of the country. We, therefore, put to work our logistics and coordinated dispatch, which started with calculating all the angles of this massive transport. The competitor that gets the farthest through the mountains of crushed cars and jumps overs the snake-infested swamps wins $ 10,000 prize money and the coveted title of ‘Night Truck Champion’ with the bragging rights that come with it. The show has a vehicle enthusiast fan base that caters to the racing and truck customization professional or amateur hobbyists.

How Delivered 50 Trucks for the History Channel Show

First off were the permits and insurance that some of these customized off-road vehicles required while others weren’t permitted for on-street driving. There were interstate and cross border transports from Alaska through Canada and from the Hawaiian Islands, with all regulations state and federal made satisfactory by our managers during schedule planning.

Next was the putting together of our expert, licensed, and insured crews of drivers, loaders, and riggers; who were deployed to collect the 50 trucks. The History Channel had given us a list that included each consignment’s details, including mechanical specifications of the vehicles and any modifications that affected its original dimensions. This made it easier for our logisticians to determine the size of enclosed trailers we would use, and the loading or offloading methods to utilize.

A 5-star service offering was initiated for the 50 trucks from over 50 locations around the US, and load specialists followed each transport’s progress. The History Channel client was kept informed about the status of all loads, especially when liaising with the owner-competitors for pick-up schedules, which would sometimes prove troublesome. Some of the trucks also carried parts and spares such as tires for the anticipated Truck Night in America races, and this played havoc with the weight specifications that had been expected.

However, the dispatch coordinators at worked tirelessly to make sure each truck was loaded, secured, and on the move. Since many of the participants were truck mechanics and modification buffs either professionally or as amateurs, they weren’t strangers to the manner their performance show vehicles were to be shipped. Some were of great assistance by bringing their trucks out of inaccessible neighbourhood areas do that the loaders can have an easier job.

Challenge 1:

Challenge 2:

Challenge 3:

What Happened When We Delivered
the Trucks to Truck Night in America?

Meanwhile,’s managers for this contract had flown to Augustus, GA, to anticipate the delivery and make arrangements for handing over the vehicles to the show coordinators. Among the vehicles delivered were Chevrolet trucks from the ’60s, 70s, and 80s; Jeep off-roads, Ford’s from 1964 to 2019, Dodges from across generations, and GMC modified truck versions amongst others. The set was on a location where a strikingly visual course featured aquamarine waters, kaolin clay, and lush green vegetation, within a variety of terrain.

The managers got a behind the scenes exposure of the ‘Truck Night in America’ showcase and got to meet the History by 52 Minds creators and History Channel producers as well as the various participants. They also got a chance to witness firsthand the gritty muddy mayhem as the power went against power during the filming of the ten episodes, which featured each of the vehicles we had delivered to the Jefferson County Sunnyside ATV Paradise in Georgia.

After the completion of filming, the show handed over the vehicles for shipping back to the owners, although some had undergone unwilling adjustments from being chewed by the grueling obstacle course. One 1984 Chevy had to be shipped back in two pieces after breaking up when the show’s recovery vehicle pulled it out of the murky swamp. The dedication, passion, and love for off-road mud-bogging did not dampen the lady owner’s mien, as she handed over her two pieces for transport back home as if they were trophies.

Our endeavors made this transport very successful, and saw contracts increase due to our visibility during the trucks’ shipping to and from the show. Our enclosed carrier and multi-vehicle transport specialists are available 24/7 on (800) 757-7125.