Transporting a 2002 Hyundai Elantra
Free For Dr. Phil's Show

At, we follow with keen interest the popular television reality show hosted by Phil McGraw, Md., a celebrated and non-practising clinical psychologist. Dr. Phil show’s episode that we gave a helping hand transporting the vehicle featured a domestically abused woman, for whom we shipped her 2002 Hyundai Elantra free of charge. We are firm supporters of the End the Silence on Domestic Violence campaign by Dr. Phil’s show and made the car shipment from Cary in North Carolina to the show’s studio at cocoa in Florida.
Our approval for Dr. Phil’s work and is due to the effect the show has had on helping hard-working Americans like ourselves with real-life issues and for promoting family values.
In September of 2013, Dr. Phil’s show representative contacted us to arrange the shipping of the guest’s car, and we offered to do it pro bono. This guest was flying directly from North Carolina to Florida, and we would pick up her car before she left Cary and ship it to Florida, where she was to stay for nearly a week.


1. Recieving the Call

The Cargo-Loading Overseer continuously keeps tabs on the progress of the shipment. Lipsum ireus…

2. Transport Preparation

The Driver and Crane Loaders each play a crucial role in making sure the routes and deliveries are completed in a timely manner.

3. Delivery to Producer

The Logistics Manager ensures communication with the customer is efficient and the allocation of resources is according.


Preparing To Move the 2002 Hyundai Elantra 615 Miles South

The pick-up went smoothly, where we had deployed an enclosed car carrier crewed by expert car load handlers and a transport specialist, who was in contact with Dr. Phil’s show guest, Bridgette. This lady was living in fear of her boyfriend James, who had previously been abusive mentally, verbally, and physically, then blaming her for his violent behavior. Our car shipping specialist assured Bridgette that her vehicle was in good hands, as she handed over her 2002 Hyundai Elantra for shipping.

A load valuation for Dr. Phil’s show guest’s car had been performed offsite, and loading was done using a hydraulic ramp into the enclosed trailer’s interior. Once the 3,000-pound car had been lined up with the trailer’s open rear end, the 14.75 ft. long vehicle was driven up the ramp onto wheel ruts that accommodated its 5.64 width. Securing was done using wheel strap belts, and a hydraulic lock ensured that there would be no internal movement for the 4.65 high 2002 Hyundai Elantra. 

Our vehicle shipping specialist knows all about this car, and we have been shipping fleets of them since their inauguration at the New York Auto Show in 2001. This four-door sedan for 2002 is a European themed conventional car that features cargo-carrying hatchback versatility and the comfort and handling of a saloon vehicle. With gas-filled shocks for a taught suspension, the Elantra we shipped for Dr. Phil’s show has all-disc brakes, 140 horsepower engine, and alloy wheels as a standard.

Bridgette’s Car Securely Shipped from Cary, NC to Cocoa in Florida

From Cary, North Carolina, the transport took I-95 south towards Fayetteville and Florence in South Carolina, and then further south into savannah, Georgia. By around 8 hours into the journey, the capacity car carrier that carried Bridgette’s car crossed the state border into Florida and was in Jacksonville, FL, by the time it was 12 hours from the start of the shipment.  After every 50 miles of the transport, shippers make a careful inspection of their loads, adjusting any securing that might have come loose to ensure that the vehicle is delivered in the same condition we pick it up. 

A total of 615 miles were covered to deliver Bridgette’s Hyundai from Cary, North Carolina to cocoa in Florida, where she received it accompanied by representatives of Dr. Phil’s show. She would be using it for commuting to and from her hotel to the show’s location near Cocoa Beach, FL, and she was ecstatic to at least have some semblance of her normal home life while dealing with the ongoing painful confrontation with her abusive boyfriend. This individual had a troubled past and a criminal record that involved charges for aggravated battery plus an 18 months stint in the county prison.


Dr Phil:

Shipping Bridget’s Car Back
to Cary, North Carolina from Cocoa, FL

Once the show was done, Bridgette flew back home, and our loaders undertook the shipping of her car back home. We handled the 2002 Hyundai Elantra sedan as safely as we had brought it down the coast and managed to deliver it within the scheduled time. Offloading was successfully done at Bridgette’s house in Cary, using the same loading ramp, and it was handed back to her without a scratch.

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