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Columbus city is the core of Ohio state. The city is densely populated with a total of 892,533 residents as of 2018. This large mark of individuals has earned it a position as the most populous city in the state. Columbus city is within Franklin county. It is a fast-growing center entailing all sorts of businesses. It also serves as a habitat to some of the greatest institutions in the world. These institutions include the massive Ohio State University, the Battelle Memorial Institute and the Chemical Abstracts Service just to mention a few. Our team of researchers are very thorough about the city to ensure no misinformation whatsoever.

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Columbus being a great city, it is traversed by major highways. These roads include the Interstate Highways 70 and 71 running from east to west and north to southwest respectively, while Interstate 270 bounds the city as interstate 670 touches the city on the northern part. U.S Routes also play a major role on the city that is the U.S Route 23 cutting north to south, U.S Route 40 running east to west and U.S Route 33 heading from northwest to southeast. The city is also affected by State Route 315. Such critical knowledge ensures we deliver on time.


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