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Transporting Multiple Cadillac Escalade Vehicles With a Top Rated Company

Natasha Post / April 2021



We have all the resources and equipment to make car shipping successful in all 50 states countrywide. Our comprehensive services cover the transport of multiple and single car shipments efficiently. With our logistical specialists on the task, we guarantee timely and secure car shipment.

Fox, one of our highly skilled specialists, has handled the transportation of many car models in the past. When he was asked to transport the five Cadillac Escalade vehicles to Tulsa, OK 74145 from Irving, TX 75062, he immediately began processing the request. At, we make fast and efficient car shipments.

" We have what it takes to make multiple car shipments across the country. "

Trustworthy Multiple Cadillac Escalade Vehicles Shipping Company

The 270.9-mile journey from Tulsa to Oklahoma was set to be completed in five hours after dispatch. Fox and his team started off by selecting a trailer to ship the five Cadillac Escalades. Fox settled on the multi-vehicle, multi-level trailer for the operation. The trailer was selected due to its ease when loading the vehicles and offloading them on arrival. All the cars were loaded on the trailer with the supervision of Fox.

The driver was given all the relevant documents, including state permits, and was soon on his way to Irving, Texas. In the past, all our car shipping clients in Texas came to us with requests to have their car shipped on different trailers. Thanks to the resources we have accumulated over the years, we have different modes of car shipping trailers.

Some of the trailers we use include single-level multiple vehicle trailers, multiple vehicle enclosed trailers, open trailers, multiple levels, multiple vehicle trailers, and single-vehicle enclosed trailers. All these are offered to clients with the efficiency of an industry leader.

Reliable and Efficient Multiple Cadillac Escalade Vehicles Shipping With

Fox and his team made the Cadillac Escalade delivery before the stated deadline. At, we do not charge extra on any shipments made before the state deadline.

Moreover, we keep our clients updated on the different services we offer. We have what it takes to make multiple car shipments across the country. All our services are brought to you by highly skilled specialists such as Fox.

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