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Natasha Post / December 2020



Jimmy Tomasso, one of our top specialists, helped a client ship a 1987 Chevrolet pickup from High Ridge, MO to Mt Pleasant MI. He fully insured the car and processed the car shipment. He contacted one of our drivers in High Ridge, MO and told him to pick up the car on his way to Mt Pleasant, MI.

The driver was shipping a pickup truck for another client in High Ridge. Therefore, he loaded the 1987 Chevrolet pickup at the back of the flatbed trailer because it was to be dropped off first. When shipping cars towards the same direction and the trailer isn’t full, we usually ship multiple cars and deliver them all together.

Shipping a 1987 Chevrolet Pickup on Time

When our driver was done, he called Jimmy Tomasso to be dispatched. Having shipped cars along this route for years, our driver was certain that I-55 N was the best route to use. It was the shortest and most convenient highway.

With years of experience our drivers always know the best routes to take. Along the way, our driver fastened the straps of the two vehicles to ensure they were not moving. After 9 and a half hours, he was dropping off the 1987 Chevrolet pickup. He carefully unloaded it at the terminal our client had specified. He then drove off to deliver the other vehicle.

" Our team of specialists are experienced and have the knowhow of shipping every type of car. "

When the order for shipping the vehicle was received, the weather proved to be a challenge and delays were expected along the way. The expected delay was accounted for by assigning pilot vehicles used to assess the situation before the carrier.

Door to Door Car Shipping Services offers reliable and affordable car shipping services. With, you sit and wait for your car stress freely. Our team of specialists are experienced and have the knowhow of shipping every type of car. You can trust with any type of vehicle including luxurious and classic ones.

We have state of the art trailers to help us deliver them to your doorstep safely. We ship both single and multiple cars., we offer door to door car shipping services. We also deliver cars from any other locations to the destination specified by our clients. To ship a car with us, call us through (800) 757-7125.

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Transport Specialist

Jimmy Tomasso

Jimmy is a logistics agent who goes above and beyond. Over the years he’s mastered the art of transport and delivery, making him one of the most requested agents. A strong asset to the company, Jimmy always looks for the best transport solutions. Thanks to his dedication, Jimmy continues to rise through the ranks, and has earned more than one award for his service.

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