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Shipping a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette with

Natasha Post / October 2020



Our top specialist, Lance Andrews, received a call from a client inquiring about shipping his 1980 Chevrolet corvette coupe from El Paso, TX to Douglasville, GA. Having taken care of this classic car for so long, he was concerned about its safety which we guaranteed. Lance sent him our free estimate quote and he was happy with our rates.

Eventually, he booked us to ship his car and gave his deadline. Lance started working on this shipment as soon as the client hired our services. He gathered all the paperwork necessary and full insurance for the car. At, all our shipments are fully insured.

Reliable 1980 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Car Shipping Services

Lance then determined that for the safety of the car, the best trailer to use was an enclosed trailer. This would protect the car from any external harm. He later called one of our professional drivers in El Paso, TX and gave him the location of where he was to pick up the car. When he got there, the first thing he did was inspect the car checking if it had any dents before picking it up and recording all that information in the report form.

This helps in confirming if the car has been delivered in the same condition upon arrival.

After that, he carefully loaded the car in the enclosed trailer watching not to bruise the sides. After strapping down the car, our driver set off for Douglasville, GA through highway I-20 E.

" After offloading the car, he took off the report form and went through the car confirming the car "

Affordable 1980 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Car Shipping Services

For this shipment, the driver was to take two days along the way. When the night approached, he parked and slept in a hotel until early morning the following day. He then continued with the journey and arrived at the drop off point before the client’s deadline.

After offloading the car, he took off the report form and went through the car confirming the car had been delivered in the same condition he had picked it up in. At, we take care of our client’s load until it arrives safely. Call us through (800) 757 7125 for affordable shipping services.

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Transport Specialist

Lance Andrews

Lance is a devoted logistics agent who makes himself available, no matter the time of day. For Lance, the client comes first. That means making sure they can ship with confidence. He’s eager to ship any kind of load and make sure the client is well taken care of.

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