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2020 GMC Canyon Car Shipping With The Team

Natasha Post / March 2021



Hal was recently assigned the transportation of a 2020 GMC Canyon. The vehicle was being shipped by a contractor from Bentonville, AR 72712, to Charleston, SC. The contractor was about to commence operation on a site in Charleston and needed the vehicle delivered before the project commencement date; therefore, timing was crucial.

Hal and his team began loading the vehicle on the trailer as soon as the client had confirmed the request. With the flatbed trailer ready for transit, the driver was handed all the relevant documents and started the two-day journey.

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As a standard procedure, Hal always ensures that appropriate tools and equipment are loaded on the trailer before dispatch. These tools come in handy when making integrity checks along the journey.

With the first milestone positioned at the Exits I-55 S and 21 - which merges with US-78, the driver made standard checks to the vehicle and rested before continuing with the journey. After every 160 miles, the driver took rest and retired for the night after exit 33 coming from the SC-39 state highway. Early the next morning pre-inspection was carried out on the 2020 GMC Canyon and trailer.

The driver then completed the rest of the journey on time. During the offloading operation, Hal answered all questions about the shipping operation and left an open channel of communication for future inquiries. All the documentation was handed over. The client was especially impressed by the timely delivery.

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