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Natasha Post / July 2020


cadillac deville michigan car shipping recently handled the transportation of a 1966 Cadillac Deville coupe. The client was a showroom exhibitionist looking to have the vehicle on their premises before the car show commenced. Since the car was delicate and had to be handled with care, Noah, one of our highly skilled and trained logistical specialists, was assigned the task.

Noah first made checks on the vehicle to determine a suitable method of transportation. Since the car was vintage and had most of its parts in good condition, Noah settled on an open trailer.

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The driver was handed all the relevant documents and set out to transport the vehicle once the vehicle had been loaded on the flat trailer. The car was to be transported from Rapid City, SD 57702 to Lincoln, NE 68505, in eight hours. All the arrangements were made by highly skilled specialists who ensure every part of the journey was accounted for. Early the next day, the load was dispatched.

" With specialists such as Noah handling our operations, we guarantee timely and secure services. " keeps a constant communication loop between the driver, the logistics team, and the client. The client was informed about the progress of their shipment at several milestones. A pilot vehicle updated the driver on the condition of the road from time to time.

Our impressive portfolio has seen the transportation of automotive from different parts of the country to their destination time and again. Convenient 1966 Cadillac Deville Coupe Shipping Services

Antonio and his team made several arrangements with our affiliates in Lincoln, NE, when the vehicle was close to the drop off point. The clients requested that the car be offloaded and placed in an indoor exhibition room. Antonio and his team provided their help and set up the vehicle for the exhibition. Before departing, Antonio made sure the client was completely satisfied. is the leading car shipping services provider in the country with agents across the country. With specialists such as Noah handling our operations, we guarantee timely and secure services. From unique to antique vehicles, we provide all these services under one roof at competitive rates. We have clients looking up to us to make car shipments, call us today for professional 1966 Cadillac Deville Coupe shipping services.

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