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Plymouth, Minnesota. has transport options for car shipping to or from Plymouth, Minnesota and across the US, Mexico, and Canada with more carriers near to your location.’s shipping services include versatile car carrier trailers and freight shippers that greatly favor factors of hauling such as distance lengths, vehicle dimensions, availability, affordability, and scope of operation. Our car transport service for Plymouth, Minnesota offers cargo insurance as part of our logistics and dispatch arrangements for your vehicle to be shipped. 


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It’s profitable to have a car transporter who knows the ins and outs of Plymouth, Minnesota car shipping, plus one with a fleet capability to reach the farthest corners of the North American continent. 15 miles west of Minneapolis is the city of Plymouth, Minnesota, located in Hennepin County, and is the 3dr largest Minneapolis, St. Paul suburb. During the Hennepin county commission’s inception, the city’s name was changed from Medicine Lake to Plymouth. The city’s history dates back to the pre-Columbian era with the original Dakota inhabitants before a French exploration team settled in the area. On the northwest shores of Parkers Lake, the town of Plymouth took shape in 1855 with the establishment of a gristmill. This mill had to be taken down however when the lake flooded and it was moved to the area of Wayzata, which was once called Freeport.


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We make egress and exit into the city of Plymouth, Minnesota using I-494, and then our car carriers navigate over 300 miles of streets and 863 city cul-de-sacs. US-169 runs through Plymouth with state route 55 making it simpler for vehicle movers to access the city. A less stressful and strenuous way of getting your car home as opposed to driving it, car shipping with is safe, secure and guarantees delivery.



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