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Transportation packages for Moorhead, Minnesota cars are above and beyond the industry’s standards at, where we excel in the nationwide and inter-border shipping of automobiles. Our car cargo conveyance specialists are available continuously and have given vehicle hauling help to vehicle manufacturers, federal agencies, dealers and the military. 


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Our dedicated vehicle shipping services for this Minnesota city customizes your trustworthy and affordable delivery of cars all around the North American continent. Located in Clay County, Moorhead is the biggest northwest Minnesota city and that county’s seat. Named after an official of the north pacific railroad, William Garroway Moorhead, the city is near Dilworth, Minnesota but forms part of the Fargo, Moorhead metropolitan area that has most of its areas in North Dakota. Sitting near Red River of the North, Moorhead is where the trio of Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly was to perform at The Armory before their plane crashed in Iowa’s clear lake. The first dairy queen that sold Dilly Bars is located at Moorhead, which is also the only member of the franchise still operating within a 1949 contract that allows them to feature non-corporate HQ approved products. Pick-up and drop off of cars is done at your convenience to or from the city of Moorhead, Minnesota by trained, licensed, and insured car carrier operators.


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Auto Transport Planning drivers are familiar and adequately trained to handle all major or minor highways, and intrastate roadways in Moorhead, Minnesota. The most versatile automobile shippers will use I-94 or US-10 for the Fargo, Moorhead area, although also makes pick-ups and deliveries via I-29. US-75 and US-52 provide the main means of comprehensively route planning the Moorhead region, while Minnesota state route 336 makes our missions toward timely car deliveries possible.



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