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The hauling equipment which used for shipping your vehicles, alongside our automobile handling gear is thoroughly graded with licenses for interstate, nationwide and continental shipping. Our teams of car carrier trailer drivers and vehicle loaders are insured and fully regulated in every county, state and all over North America. 


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Any height, length or width of a motor vehicle is within our scope of accommodation for shipping to and from Minnetonka, Minnesota, since the fleet we employ is ultra-modern and well kitted out. The largest publicly owned company in Minnesota, UnitedHealth group, as well as the biggest privately owned corporation, Cargill are both found in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Situated in Hennepin County, Minnetonka is due west of Minneapolis, an approximate car carrier haul of 8 miles away. What used to be home for the Ojibwe and Dakota indigenous people’s home has evolved from wilderness woods through industrialization and farming. Presently, the Minnetonka lands that European and American settlers colonized in the early 1800s are primarily suburban and residential in nature. The name Minnetonka is derived from a Native American compound word mixing mni for water and tanka for huge, which was soon anglicized to Minnetonka for a large water body.


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I-35 and I-94 are the major interstate transport routes for vehicle shippers to Minnetonka, Minnesota, with the northern woodlands being serviced by a chain of intrastate highways. At Duluth on the Lake Superior shoreline, I35 exits onto US-2 and state route 53 to Minnetonka on the outskirts of the George Washington State Forest. The St Cloud and Alexandria areas see our car carriers taking I-94 or state highways 10 and 71. I-90 continues westward to Blue Earth, Worthington, and Luverne where highway 14 runs along the western border of Minnesota.



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