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For the comprehensive shipping of your cars safely nationally or internationally, is the car transport company to call for Maple Grove, Minnesota. We offer truck or car shipping services with insured car carriers, and any type of motorized equipment is shipped to any location in or out of Maple Grove on modern carrier trailers. We are, and we guarantee the delivery of your cars safely to and from Maple Grove, Minnesota and for all locations within the US, Mexico, and Canada. 


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Ship a Car to Minnesota Safely offers car transport for Maple Grove vehicles to destinations or from nationwide and overseas. Ranked as Minnesota’s 8th largest city, Maple Grove is located in Hennepin County and has an estimated population of 71,807 people. The city is a popular retail, medical and cultural diversity center as signified by its being home to the largest Hindu temple in the state of Minnesota. Originally inhabited by Winnebago Indians, Maple Grove was initially settled by Louis Gervais in 1851. By the end of four years, the city included a town hall, church, and residential homes, including the historical Pierre Bottineau house built out of wood frame in 1854. A significant maple syrup source, Maple Grove is home to elm Creek Park and is famous for its large maple tree stands. We ship vehicles to and from Maple Grove safely with guaranteed delivery services that are affordable and timely. Get a free quote now.


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Professional, innovative, safe, and reliable shippers are ready to perform your car’s immediate shipping using Maple Grove highways and streets. Since the 1970s, Maple Grove’s development has been spurred by the completion of I-94, I-494, and I-694, and it’s one of the twin cities most populous and second-placed in 2014s best US place to live. Our car shipping activities in Maple Grove makes use of this dynamic system of roadways to provide you with a well-planned delivery or pick up.



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