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Whether you are shipping a car from an online seller, or dealership in another state or relocating to a new work assignment, ensures damage-free conveyance for Edina, Minnesota. We try our level best to minimize any knocks or denting that may happen during the shipping of your car, but it’s better to take note of all the current damages yourself or during the load valuation 


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Your Edina, Minnesota vehicles are well secured to avoid disruptions during heavy winds or bad weather while on our shipping trailers. A small milling and farming community that came up since the 1860s to become a major city in Minnesota, Edina is located in Hennepin County. As a result of the potato famine in Ireland, a total of 17 families immigrated to this part of the original Richfield Township, Minnesota. Land claimed by these Irish farmers became part of the township’s southwestern sections while later English and German settlers claimed Minnehaha creek. Amongst the first places to be settled in Edina included the country club district, together with the Grimes and the Baird neighborhoods. Separation with Richfield Township came in 1888 when residents decided to found an autonomous village.


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We have the inside information on how to better access the Edina section of the metropolitan area. State Route 62 and 100 make inception for pickups and deliveries to the city easier, while US-169 gives route planners a feasible manner of advancing north or south of Edina, Minnesota, and into state route 100. I-494 is the best motorway to use when shipping truckloads of cars, where carriers will exit east or west of Edina city on state route 62.



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