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Transporting the Mercury Montego requires some extensive knowledge of some of the features of the car. Each car model requires different handling procedures to make the operation successful. When shipping the Mercury Montego, we make sure the client is updated on all the processes that will be undertaken during the operation. We have been transporting the Mercury Montego to clients as far as Mexico and Canada; this is made possible by our affiliates who work collaboratively with our staff to make transport operations smooth. The resources we use to make car transport a possibility include open and enclosed flatbed trailers and gooseneck trailers. Each trailer is maintained and kept at industry standards. We have the resources in hand all you have to do is call us and talk to any of our consultants free of charge.

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The tag Mercury Montego was applied to three different car models by Mercury division of the Ford Company. The three models adopted the label from the Jamaican location, Montego Bay. The name was first used in 1967 in Canada after the production of the Mercury Meteor. As of 1968, when the car made its first debut into the American market, the name was fully adopted, running to three other generations of the same vehicle. Mercury was the manufacturer of the car and worked under Ford to release the first units into the market. The production of the vehicle was first done from 1968 to 1976 before stopping and later continued from 2004-2007. Most of the units were assembled in Atlanta, Georgia.

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We can ship multiple vehicles across the country or abroad. Thanks to the vast array of trailers, the transportation of the Mercury Montego has never been easier. Ours is to keep the transportation industry streamlined so you don’t have to worry over how your Mercury Montego will arrive at its destination. We continuously run diagnostics on our system and make the right adjustments when necessary. Call us today on (800) 757-7125 for any inquiries.

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