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At Autotransport.com, we have experts handling the transportation of different types of cars, including the Mazda 5. Our expertise and years of successful delivery of the Mazda 5 have put us on top of the car transportation industry. When shipping a car, several factors must be considered. For instance, when transporting a Mazda 5, the insurance cover must be provided for the vehicle and the driver as well as the carrier. The car’s condition has to be evaluated and a suitable mode of transit selected. Our logisticians could either pick an open or enclosed gooseneck trailer or flatbed trailer. When transporting cars to any location, we make sure the vehicle and client needs are prioritized throughout the entire operation.

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Autotransport.com makes transport accessible to clients throughout the county thanks to our vast resources consisting of state of the art trailers, carriers, and other equipment. We believe that it takes more than vehicle transportation to make it in the car transport industry. It requires customer satisfaction, efficient feedback services, and experience to make each car transportation endeavour successful. Autotransport.com provides a platform where clients can easily access our services. We believe that it takes constant communication between all teams to provide the best output; that’s why our team of agents is always on standby to provide answers to any Mazda 5 shipping inquiries.

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The Mazda 5 is a compact Multi-purpose vehicle that was manufactured by the Japanese company from 1999. The first generation of the Mazda 5 was referred to as the Mazda Premacy and was sold in the Japanese and other Asia markets. It was not until the second generation when the car was rebadged to the Mazda 5 in the Japanese market. With cars shipped to different locations across the country, we have accumulated enough experience to transport the different generations of the Mazda 5. The two generations of the car were almost similar and had a nearly flat platform. They also featured foldable flat rear seats.

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