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We at Autotransport.com are the highest rated car shipping company in all car shipping processes related to the Lexus RX. We have acquired all necessary permits and insurance covers to enable us to deliver our clients cars uninterrupted. Over our numerous years in the car shipping business we have fully mastered the process of shipping the highly desired Lexus RX. With our team of peerless experts collaborating through their different stations of operation to deliver our clients cars seamlessly. We have also amassed all the relevant machinery and trailers to enable us to handle our clients cars safely.

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The luxurious mid-size Toyota Harrier SUV is sold by Lexus. It broke ground in 1998. The model has since been produced in other three versions, the latest generation to be released in 2015. The first lot was the RX 300 then the RX 300 and 330 in 2003. The three were then followed by the RX 350 and 450 in 2009. The fourth RX model features a 3.5 liters V6 engine producing 295hp. The vehicle has an 8-speed automatic transmission and a turbocharged engine 8AR-FTS of a four-cylinder gasoline. The vehicle is also suited with other features of comfort such as the active anti-roll bar and adaptive variable suspension used to adjust the ride quality if deemed necessary.

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We offer multiple quotes to our clients enquiring for our services in the Lexus RX transporting, this is to offer them flexibility in their choices. We are an informed company which maintains transparency and competency when transporting our clients vehicles. We deal with all types of Lexus car models since we are at a full disposal of resources. We make frequent checks on our clients cars condition to make sure we deliver it in its natural and untampered condition. We have not only developed a communication platform to receive our clients suggestions and feedback efficiently but our clients can also call us anytime through our number (800) 757-7125.

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