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We at autotransport.com are a committed and certified car shipping industry offering car shipping services at affordable prices. We have been engaged in the car shipping industry for ages now. We have hence evolved in our service delivery to become the best car shipping company in the country. We have been shipping cars in all the states of the United States and to other countries. We have accumulated unmatched knowledge concerned with mastering the routes to our clients destinations. We save on time since we easily evade jams. Our trailers, drivers and all other resources are under a reliable insurance cover to aid in case of any accidents.

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The luxurious four-door full-sized SUV has been upgraded thrice. The Lexus LX has a front engine and four-wheel drive layout. Its latest generation of the model has been in production since 2007. The LX 570 is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine, the engine produces a horsepower of 383. The vehicle is interconnected to an automatic Transmission of six-speed sequential-shift. The exotic Lexus LX has also undergone several facelifts to give it a more modern and outstanding look. It has also won several mentionable awards making it recognized and admired worldwide.

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When transporting our clients high end Japan machine, the Lexus LX, we make sure we have all the plans right. Our clients can make calls to ask or update us on any relevant details even when the car is still in transit. Our team of researchers on the other hand maintain fluent communication with our trusted drivers all through the way so as to update them in case a need arises to bend the plan in place. All our effort focuses on making sure that our clients car is safely delivered and that our clients’ money is given a befitting purpose. We have been shipping the Lexus LX since its launching and hence we confidently reassure our clients that we are well equipped. Call us today

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