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Ship a Car to Maine Safely offers guaranteed delivery for Portland, Maine vehicles that are efficient, and safe. One of the more populous of Maine’s cities, Portland in Cumberland County is home to more than a third of the state’s total population. Named after the isle of Portland in Dorset, England, the area has a vibrant tourism service sector economy due to the city’s 19th century and a trendy nightlife. The marine industry with its waterfront fishing and commercial shipping makes Portland the largest New England seaport and the city’s name is derived from an old English word meaning land surrounding the harbor. Due to its proximity to Boston, Massachusetts, Portland has become the economic capital of the region, and the economy has branched out from fishing to manufacturing and agriculture. The city has also been slotted as the research center for AI and machine learning and Northeastern University is the venue for these programs.


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All of Maine’s major cities such as Portland are congestion-free, making our car delivery procedures swift, efficient and timely. I-95 is the Maine turnpike that extends through to New Hampshire and the confluence of Boston’s Route 128. I-295 is also remarkably free of the traffic congestion and opens up the Portland area of Northeast Maine. US routes 302 and US-1 are major scenic routes with a terminus in Portland, while state routes 9, 22, 25, 26, 77 and 100 go through Portland.


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