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Located in Androscoggin County, auburn is the sister city to Lewiston and is part of what was known as the Pejepscot purchase after the treaty of Portsmouth. This was land purchased after the hostilities were over between the Abenaki indigenous peoples and settlers from Portsmouth and Boston in 1714. Part of this land was granted to the Battle of Quebec veterans by the Massachusetts general court, though the process of settlement was delayed by ensuing litigation and the onset of the French and Indian wars. In 1786, auburn saw resettlement as part of Minot and was named Poland at this point, and by 1842 an inspiring poem in Oliver goldsmiths the deserted village led contributed to the town being named auburn.


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Our carriers will have your automobile on transit to and from the city of Auburn Maine using I-95, or US route 202 to meet your estimated delivery schedules. Vehicle shippers will navigate the unprecedented wooded area and mountainous long winding routes 11, 4 and 121 while making detours for your car shipping’s efficiency in time and cost. insured trailer rigs make use of US route 122 and 136 from the surrounding cities of Bangor, Portland, and Saco. Give our specialists a call and a well-matched car hauler will come to your auburn location on the road networks and motorways of which we are familiar with.


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