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We specialize in pick-up and delivery of various types of motorized vehicles. No matter your location, your car will be picked up by a professional driver and delivered to its final destination. Whether you are relocating a single vehicle or a complete fleet, you can count on our extensive and experienced driver pool to deliver your equipment in a timely, smooth and safe manner. Trust only the best for your Georgia truckaway services! is the transport industry foremost dependable and safe vehicle drive away services in Georgia. We drive all manner of cars, commercial vehicles, manufacturer brands, and corporate or federal fleets to any location within the region. The dedicated truckaway service employs professional and highly experienced drivers to pick up and deliver your car.

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As a trusted car driving company in Georgia, we value our customers and pride ourselves in providing professional, reliable and cost-effective services. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when you hire for your truckaway transport needs include:


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Are you looking for someone to drive your car to/from Georgia? Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Georgia area truckaway or vehicle relocation needs. We provide drive away service solutions for the following types
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The Auto Transport Overseer continuously keeps tabs on the progress of your shipment until the very end of our driveaway process.

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Do you really NEED driveaway? Driveaway services and shipping a vehcle are two different services, learn which is the right choice for you.

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The Logistics Manager ensures communication with the customer is efficient and the allocation of resources is according to plan.

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Georgia Truckaway Services

We are Georgia Driveaway Logistics Specialists is the Auto Drive Away Transport Specialist: is a trusted company that’s been in the haulage and transport business for more than ten years. Our cost-efficient and reliable car, truck, or mobile home truckaway service is both speedy and safe due to smart logistics. Your Georgia driver offers competitive rates, 24/7 service, and available in the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Our busy business schedules can sometimes necessitate moving vehicles from one point to the other in or out of the state of Georgia. understands your need for the mobility of your car without your having to drive it long distance. An expansive driver pool of licensed and double insured drivers will pick up or drop off your vehicle at the desired location within Georgia.

Decking services or vehicle piggybacking is available at where we transport more than one truck without hauling them on a trailer. Thoroughly graded piggyback driver crews are experts at setting up and transporting decked or piggybacked vehicles as a cost-effective option.

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  Awesome transport company!!! Communication was over the top. Price was fantastic. Jimmy hooked me up with Tina, Melvin and Cory. Never a worry. On time for pick up and drop off. Thanks so much for your honesty.

Jen G.
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  I recently relocated to Hawaii from Ohio, and I didn’t have the option to leave my car in the mainland. I got quotes from different companies. Anytime we need a vehicle shipped again it will be through

Kim B.
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  First time transporting a car. Daniel was super in answering all of my questions and allaying my anxiety. Car arrived as scheduled an perfect shape. They were very professional from the very beginning.

John K.

Our car broke down hundreds of miles away from home. The customer service we received through Nationwide Transport Services was outstanding. They were the best deal we found to get our car transported to us.

Gregg B.
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