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We have for years provided smooth Dodge Neon shipping services thanks to the good routes allocated by our staff. AutoTransport.com, we are committed to serving you right. The drivers who are mandated to transport your car are always in communication with our support team. The team helps them in easy navigation on their journey to your location. They provide essential updates such as weather patterns and traffic, which may delay the fleet if not adequately addressed. All our services are provided on a professional basis to transport the cargo effectively. As the topmost company in freight operations, all our potential customers are assured of an affordable Dodge Neon shipping fee.

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Also known as Chrysler Neon, Dodge Neon is a four-wheel-drive car that was first introduced in 1994. It is a front-engine vehicle which has a two-door body style. The car is marketed over several countries worldwide, including Canada, Japan, Egypt, etc. A mighty engine powers the Dodge Neon SRT-4 model, which was developed by Daimler Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology. The engine is a 2.4liter gasoline engine having four cylinders and turbochargers. Vehicle engine horsepower differs depending on the model. The first one had 215 hp while the 2004 and 2005 models have a horsepower of 230 with a torque of 260 lb-ft. The average price of the vehicle is estimated at around $9,197.

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Any stress that might be experienced during the shipping process, we make sure to bear it on your behalf. During the transporting of the shipment, we make sure to provide a personal agent who will work with you throughout the process. From the time you place the order to handing over the vehicle, the agent will be available at any time. Every detail that is involved in shipping your Dodge Neon car at AutoTransport.com will be handled accurately. No client wants to find the wrong cargo on delivery. Our transparency provides you with confidence that your job will be correctly done.

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