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Autotransport.com has had the honor of transporting the Plymouth Duster 340 enough times to help us acquire the skills and technical know-how to make each shipment a success. When transporting the Plymouth Duster 340 out staff performs the standard pre-checks before the car is dispatched. Some of the checks carried out include ensuring the gas tank is a quarter full to prevent leakages and the additional weight from weighing down the cargo. We also ensure that all moveable objects and personal belongings are removed or fixed in place. Client satisfaction is what has driven our services to excellence; that’s why we make sure the client understands each step of the operation. Our team of agents and support staff is always on standby to answer any queries arising from the operation.

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The Plymouth Duster 340 muscle car debuted in the American market in 1970 and had its fair share of fame and status in the market. The Plymouth Duster 340 has had an increasing auction price since the turn of the century. Despite the recent increase in the auction price, the vehicle was almost forgotten in the cracks of the American auto industry. When the car first hit the market, it came in later than the other muscle cars from the Chrysler Corporation, but it won the hearts of many enthusiasts. With a Horsepower of 275 provided by the 340 V8 engine, the success of the car is mostly attributed to the sporty feel it brings to the table.

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We have a team of consultants and agents who work around the clock to bring the best of the car transportation industry to our clients. We have been working collaboratively with auctioneers and car dealerships in different locations to make the shipments of Plymouth Duster 340 successful. Our clients have always been impressed with the quality of our services, and the positive feedback on our website is proof. Call us on (800) 757-7125 for any inquiries on Plymouth Duster 340 shipping services.

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