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Shipping a 2011 Land Rover LR2 With

Natasha Post / October 2020



Louis was assigned to ship a 2011 Land Rover LR2 SUV from Los Angeles, CA to North Las Vegas, NV. The client had just purchased the car from someone and needed it delivered to his address. Louis processed the shipment and fully insured the car. At, we fully insure all the cars we ship before dispatching them. Louis opted to ship the car using a flatbed trailer.

The 2011 Land Rover LR2 SUV was to be carefully loaded at the back of the trailer because there was another car being shipped towards the same direction but a little further. At, we sometimes ship cars that are headed towards the same direction together so as to save on time. Offers Expedited Car Shipping Services

Louis called one of our professional drivers and told him where to pick up the car. When he got there, he loaded it carefully and strapped it tightly to avoid any accidents along the way. When he confirmed everything had been done right, Louis dispatched the shipment. Instead of taking highway I-10 E which is longer, the driver took highway I - 15 N which is much shorter and faster.

Along the way, he stopped regularly to tighten the straps and confirm everything else was still intact. After 4 and a half hours, he was already offloading the 2011 Land Rover LR2 SUV. He managed to carefully offload the car and set off to deliver the next one.

" Our resources are enough and distributed across the country to serve our customers better. "

Affordable and Fast 2011 Land Rover LR2 SUV Shipping Services

Our Land Rover car transport services are affordable and fast. Our professional drivers use the shortest routes to meet our clients deadlines without a fail.

Our resources are enough and distributed across the country to serve our customers better. We care about the reviews left behind by our customers and are always working towards improving our shipping services.

For any inquiries or to get a free shipping quote, give us a call today through our toll free number, (800) 757 7125.

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Transport Specialist

Louis Santana

Louis enjoys working with clients and fulfilling their transport needs. One of his favorite things about transport is meeting the people behind the equipment. He strives to make long-lasting relationships with his clients, so they can always come back to him for transport.

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