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AutoTransport.com is the premier shipping operators for the US, Canada, and Mexico Land Rover owners, buyers or dealers. We have been in the business of Land Rover vehicle transportation services for the last ten years, and our reliable network of significant expert shipping fleets extends all over the US and her neighbouring countries. AutoTransport.com’s computerized logistics systems and dispatch shipment coordinators are available to have your Land Rover car removed to or from any location.

The most cost-effective shipping vehicle-moving service puts all logistical expertise in motion for your expedient Land Rover shipping experience. Land Rover car and truck shipping services safely handle your vehicle as a quicker, safer transport method. AutoTransport.com consigners are uniformed, quality-assured, clean, and courteous and will customize your reputable Land Rover vehicle delivery service.

Our shipping operators are insured; CDL licensed, and have extensive road network familiarity as well as being expert Land Rover handlers. Whether you are moving across or out of state, buying or selling Land Rover vehicles, or making corporate transports; our timely and safe operators will pick up and make delivery to any location. A free shipping valuation with no obligations enables you to get a clearer picture of the savings and other benefits available at AutoTransport.com.


1. Scheduling the Pick-Up

The Cargo-Loading Overseer continuously keeps tabs on the progress of the shipment. Ensuring the highest quality service.

2. Transporting Your Land Rover

The Driver and Crane Loaders each play a crucial role in making sure the routes and deliveries are completed in a timely manner.

3. Deliver to Your Door-Step

The Logistics Manager ensures communication with the customer is efficient and the allocation of resources is according.


Land Rover Vehicle
Transport Services

AutoTransport.com undertakes the shipping of Land Rover cars, which are from the British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, now owned by India’s Tata motors. An icon of British motoring that was granted royal warrant in 1951 by King George VI, Land Rover has also received the queen’s enterprise award for outstanding international trade contributions. Land Rover has been producing brands of four-wheel drive and off-road capable vehicles that range in model capabilities since 1948.

The Land Rover series includes other upmarket, mid-level and entry-level variations for the modern motoring industry, such as the Range Rover, Discovery and Freelander. Some models like the versatile 1990 Defender have been refreshed into a classy second and are now going into third-generation series production from 2020.

Land Rovers that we transport for our clientele at AutoTransport.com have undergone the expected metamorphosis after being produced under four corporate regimes. The Rover era models are the initiators of the global hard duty Land Rover legacy that features a Jeep chassis and axles and are all characterized by light green colour. This was due to the sudden availability in plenty of military surplus paint used to paint aircraft cockpits after the Second World War in 1947.

Recent Land Rover Auto Shipments

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Transporting a Range Rover Velar SUV in an Enclosed Trailer

Auto Transport scheduled the shipment of this 2018 Range Rover Velar SUV to be transported in an enclosed trailer. As the client requested the 2018 Range Rover Velar SUV was loaded in Miami Beach, FL and delivered to Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Auto Transport agents are prepared to assist you with any vehicle shipment you have. Call today to receive your free estimate!
Transport Specialist:
(754) 203-9267

Shipping a Land Rover Discovery

This is a 2018 Land Rover Discovery Auto Transport recently handled for a client. The assigned agent was Hal Foster. Hal was able to assist the client by scheduling an open trailer to load this 2018 Land Rover Discovery in Atlanta, GA and deliver it to the client in Charleston, SC. Hal Foster can get any vehicle you need transported anywhere you need it to go! Call Hal Foster today to get your free estimate on your next vehicle transport!
Transport Specialist:
(772) 227-1564

Range Rover Sport Auto Transport

2 months ago Auto Transport was able to assist a client in transporting their 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. Hal Foster was the assigned agent to schedule this shipment. Hal was able to procure an open trailer to haul this 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Sport from Alpharetta, GA to Charleston, SC. Trust in Auto Transport to get your vehicle to its destination safe and sound. Call Hal Foster today to get your free accurate estimate on your next transport!
Transport Specialist:
(772) 227-1564

Common Land Rover
Vehicles We Ship:

  •         Land Rover Defender Transport
  •         Land Rover Discovery Sport Shipping
  •         Land Rover Discovery Transport
  •         Range Rover Evoque Shipping
  •         Range Rover Velar Transport
  •         Range Rover Sport Shipping
  •         Range Rover Transport
  •         Land Rover One Ton FC Shipping
  •         Land Rover Wolf Defender Transport
  •         Land Rover Armored Body Shipping
  •         Range Rover RAF Transport
  •         Land Rover Perentie Shipping
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Choose a professional company to transport your Land Rover to anywhere in the country. Autotransport.com has a wide variety of options to suit your needs – and your budget. Safe, bonded, and professional, we know how to transport your Dodge across the country.  We specialize in moving vehicles locally and internationally. Whether it’s within the same state or abroad, you can access all services under one roof. Our team of professionals makes sure each operation is successful, and this has made us come to terms with some of the most efficient routes. Moreover, our seasoned team of drivers makes sure every operation whether big or small has all the resources in store to make it successful. For instance, before the process, we make sure that the cars are strapped in place with nylon fasteners and covered with netting to prevent the delicate parts from getting damaged.