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” When hauling cars and trucks during the winter, there are a number of extra considerations the Auto Transport drivers must evaluate during their journeys — the most common being extreme weather and snow-filled routes. “

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Auto Transport in the Summer vs Winter

Long-distance automobile shipping can seem like a complicated task even in the best weather, so the team at Auto Transport understands the additional stress that comes with car hauling during the winter months. Although, we also realize that under many circumstances winter hauling must take place, even if it is just to escape to a warmer climate. That’s why we offer transportation for cars and trucks all year round, through both the summer and winter seasons.

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Years of

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 When hauling cars and trucks during the winter, there are a number of extra considerations the Auto Transport drivers must evaluate during their journeys — the most common being extreme weather and snow-filled routes. Many people feel, understandably, uncomfortable driving even their own vehicle in these conditions. That’s why using an auto transport company could be the answer to your car shipping problems. All of our drivers are trained and highly experienced in dealing with extreme weather conditions and snow on the roads. Therefore, if you use Auto Transport for your seasonal car shipping we can assure you that your cars or trucks will be delivered safely. 

Here at Auto Transport, we have had years of seasonal transport experience, which has allowed us to fine-tune our services and create a great deal of flexibility in our systems. For this reason, we are able not only to ship your automobiles efficiently and without damage but also for a fair and competitive price. If you would like free estimates for any seasonal auto transport, you can use our online quote tool.

Ease of Access

When hauling your cars or trucks you should never feel inconvenienced, even in harsh weather conditions. That’s why the Auto Transport team spend their time carefully planning the routes and the equipment that will need to be used for your automobile’s journey. If you know the locations on your delivery route are prone to severe weather, an auto transport company can help you. However, it may be important to understand that during the winter there is a higher risk of long waiting times and delays due to unexpected weather conditions.

Save Money
and Time

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Many people opt to transport their vehicles during the summer months. For many people, summer is often considered as a more convenient time to transport vehicles long distances as the weather is usually less severe. In the summer, families can also move home whilst children are out of school, and more events such as classic car shows occur. Whilst it may be true that, for most, summer is a convenient time for vehicle shipping, because of the higher demand summer auto transportation is usually more expensive.

Whether you would like to transport your vehicles during the summer, winter, or any time in between, Auto Transport can help you. Give us a call today to discuss our seasonal services or to receive free estimates regarding the transportation of automobiles (800) 757-7125.


Bulk Vehicle

If you need to, auto transportation can ship multiple vehicles at the same time. Whether you’re a private owner with numerous cars, you’ve bought a car from an auction, or work for a dealership that needs to transport a dozen trucks; Auto Transport can ship many vehicles at the same time, offering a range of services to cater to your specific transport needs.

Making Your Decision

Now, we hope you have the tools to choose the best auto transport company. Doing your homework on auto transport companies helps you have a good experience. 

At a logistics agent will answer any questions you may have. We will guide you through the transport process from quote to delivery. Licensed, bonded, and insured, we have a quality reputation. When choosing the right auto transport company, we hope you’ll consider us.

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