Delivering Vintage Cars
for Discovery Channel’s Sticker Shock was selected to find and ship all the cars that had been shortlisted for Discovery Channel’s Sticker Shock automobile appraisal reality show. Sticker Shock is a Discovery Channel produced series that premiered on Wednesday may 2nd 2018 featuring an unscripted valuation of classic vintage vehicles in front of the camera. A team of experts hosted by Dennis Pittsenbarger appraise the selected cars, pick-up trucks and vans for an amazed crowd of owners while focusing on what the car’s intricate value to the owner was.


  Vintage classics that featured in the show include such uncommon cars like a Blue Ray III, a Keller Super Chief and a StarCraft StarCruiser. Dennis and his appraisers are charged with investigating the condition and history of the vehicle to reach a unique realistic price tag. Many vintage car owners perceive their vehicles as family heirlooms and treasures to be passed down to the next generation, and many inherited them from their forbearers. Since some of these classic cars have no market prices, valuation validates owners pride, and the determination of the expert appraisers forms a basis for collector’s insurance or a profitable sale. The series tells the stories behind these restored and collector automobiles within a simplistic set-up that features an industrial warehouse in Los Angeles. The show follows the dedication of Discovery Channel at creating innovative content for non-fiction information and consumer entertainment with diversity.


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2. Transport 200 Vehicles

The Driver and Crane Loaders each play a crucial role in making sure the routes and deliveries are completed in a timely manner.

3. Deliver to LA Studio Set

The Logistics Manager ensures communication with the customer is efficient and the allocation of resources is according.


How We Delivered the 200
Classic Cars
to LA within Schedule got a referral for shipping 200 vintage classic cars to the LA screening of the reality sticker shock show from different places in the country. The show’s production team gave us a classic vintage list of vehicles worth millions of dollars, and they were all to be shipped in enclosed trailer conveyance. Our shipping specialists at are always up for a challenge, and this transport was something they readily rose up to. 

  The 200 vintage vehicles that collected had been selected after a nationwide casting call, and some had been picked due to their backstories, unique mechanical details and their dedicated owner collectors. We shipped them using our modern double-decked enclosed car carrier trailers that feature protective hard sides, a lift gate and strap securing. This offers added security and care for high end vintage classic cars that owners have paid lots of money for and taken care of for years. 

  Our specialists paid extra attention to the handling of these classic collectors’ cars, including careful loading where they went on the enclosed trailer according to size, some 6 to a trailer and others 7. Twenty-nine enclosed car carriers were used for the combined transfer of the Sticker Shock show vehicles to LA, and the team all flew to the drop off site to make sure they arrived safely. The shipping contract involved dispatchers and logisticians who had processed the permits, high contingency insurances and augmented our fleet of car carriers with owner-operator contractors.

Why Was Selected By Discovery Channel for This Consignment

  When Discovery Channel came calling, rose to the challenge, addressing all contingencies before undertaking the massive task. The insurance on the entire transport was massive, and we gave the client a 24/7 tracking facility for the transports, some of which came from as far as Alaska. This 5-star facility enclosed trailer method of shipping was selected due to the fewer risks of damage to the consignment, and the expert handling that guaranteed safe delivery.

  After the show’s initial run, the cars were to be shipped back to their owners and the loading process was repeated, this time with many cars having been valued for thousands of dollars. Our operations at so delighted the show’s producers, the presenters and participants due to the on-time manner we delivered and brought back all the vintage classic vehicles in their perfect restored conditions. 

  This multi-vehicle transportation was assigned to a specialist company like due to the complexities involved and our ability to handle each one responsibly. Our commitment to the car transportation profession has seen us accumulate the skills necessary to make huge tasks more successful. Car loading overseers continuously keep tabs on every aspect of shipment progress, while the drivers, dispatch and logistics coordinators make route plans and communicate with clients while allocating the resources needed for the shipment.

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Sticker Shock.

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& Comprehensive Service performed the back routing of the vintage vehicles just as they had been delivered to LA, with door to door services back to their proud owners. The show left many owners better aware of the value of their classic cars, remodels and hot rods, while the audience was exemplarily entertained by the car’s histories, the live, unscripted appraisals and the owner’s experiences.

All transports were performed by enclosed car carriers, subjected to secondary contingency insurance and securely delivered back to their owners. Call us today on (800) 757-7125.