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We offer the transportation of the Plymouth Sport Satellite at affordable rates to clients countrywide and across the border. Our Plymouth Sport Satellite transport services are extended to clients in our America and North America. Over our many years of operation, we have handled many Plymouth Sport Satellite shipping operations. The experience accumulated from these operations has helped us acquire the technical know-how on how to handle the different models of the vehicles. For instance, when shipping the first generation of the Plymouth Sport Satellite, we make sure the tank is quarter way full. This helps prevent leakage to other vehicles when shipping multiple cars and reduces the load of the entire cargo.

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The first make of the Plymouth Sport Satellite was added to the Chrysler Corporation lineup in 1965. The sedan had four-door and came in two models, the four-door convertible and the hardtop sedan. In 1967 the production of the vehicle was halted when the GTX model went into the market. The car had a production life of 10 years and consisted of an FR Layout with a B-body platform. Prior to the Plymouth Sport Satellite, the Chrysler Foundation had the Plymouth Plaza in the lineup. The car had three generations manufactured during the ten years of production. The first model from the lineup had a 240 engine that attracted the 318 CU option. 23,000 of the model were manufactured from 1965. Plymouth Sport Satellite weighed 3220 lb. Later, it was redesigned, and the major feature changed was the Street Hemi engine.

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We have been handling the transportation of cars across the county for more than two decades. During these years, we have had enough experience to help clients make the shipment of the Plymouth Sport Satellite with ease and convenience. At autotransport.com we believe that it takes constant communication between all teams to provide the best output; that’s why our team of agents is always on standby to provide answers to any shipping inquiries.

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