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We have been shipping the Plymouth Race Hemi across different locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico for more than two decades. In our years of operation, we have been able to come up with strategies and routes to use when transporting cars to different locations. All this has been made possible by our loyal clients who never fail to make recommendations on the best ways we could improve our services. Client’s looking to hire our services often get a free consultation from any of our agents who work round the clock to answer any inquiries. We have what it takes to make the transportation of the Plymouth Race Hemi successful, call us today on our toll-free number. Our agents and support staff are always online to answer any car transportation queries.

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The Plymouth Race Hemi made an incredible contribution to the muscle car industry in America and beyond. The remarkable engine hosted in the Plymouth Race Hemi was one of the pinnacle moments for the Chrysler Corporation. When the production of the original Hemi V-8 was halted in 1958, the heavy, expensive, and sophisticated engine was replaced by the 426 cid Hemi. The engines were first debuted in Dayton, where the engine had the first three spots after the races. The vehicle had a wheelbase of 119 in. and a weight of 3211 lb. The base price of the car when it first debuted was $4000. Currently, the auction price of the vehicle is increasing, and autotransport.com is here to bridge the buyers and the sellers.

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At autotransport.com, we believe that it takes more than vehicle transportation to make it in the car transport industry. It takes customer satisfaction, efficient feedback services, and experience to make each car transportation endeavor successful. Autotransport.com provides a platform where clients can easily access our services. Once our staff confirms the order, we immediately assign a team of experts to handle the operation. Call us today on (800) 757-7125 for any transport inquiries.

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