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Clients come to us looking to transport the Plymouth Fury often ask how the billing will be carried out. Our car transport services are transparent and straight to the point. Each delivery we make, whether shipping the Plymouth Fury or any other type of vehicle, we make sure the client is comfortable with the operation and the costs it carries. Unlike some auto transport companies, we do not charge any hidden fees. In most cases, we do not charge our client an upfront deposit for cars transported. We have a team of agents who work closely with us to make the shipment of the Plymouth Fury successful, and the clients are satisfied. When transporting cars to any location, we make sure the vehicle and client needs are met first before finally billing them.

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The Plymouth Fury production was halted almost immediately after it had started. This was partly due to the recession witnessed in 1958 and the discouragement from the motors association. The Plymouth Fury first debuted in the market in 1956 and saw the production of 4000 units. In the following two years, 7400 and 5300 vehicles were manufactured and released into the market, respectively. The price range of the Plymouth Fury ranged from $2000-$3500 at the time of production. The auction price of the vehicle has been rising, and autotransport.com has been there to bridge the gap between different sellers and buyers. The last production of the Plymouth Fury was in 1958. The vehicle has a wheelbase of 118 in. and a width of 206.0 in.

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Autotransport.com makes transport accessible to clients throughout the county thanks to our vast resources consisting of state of the art trailers, carriers, and other equipment. Moreover, by liaising with affiliates located in different parts of North America and as far as Mexico and Hawaii, we have what it takes to make the transportation of the Plymouth Fury successful. Call us today or reach out to us on our website for more car transport information.

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