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Transporting a 2020 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Truck

Natasha Post / January 2021



Hal Foster received a call from a client who needed his car shipped from Roseville, CA to Winnetka, CA in three days. Hal Foster decided to start processing the shipment and not to wait until the deadline was close. He fully insured the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado pickup crew cab and acquired all the right papers to have it shipped. offers personalized car shipping services to all our clients. We have been shipping cars for more than a decade now. Along the way, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of how to serve our clients even better. We make sure that every car we ship is fully insured. This is to guarantee compensation incase of an accident.

" Our car shipping services are affordable and accessible from any part of the country. "

Reliable 2020 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Crew Cab Shipping Services

When our clients know that their car is fully insured while on transit, they are able to wait stress free.

On the second day, Hal Foster called one of our professional drivers in Roseville, CA and sent him to pick up the car. He carefully loaded the car on the trailer and secured it with straps.

He then called Hal Foster who dispatched the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado pickup crew cab. Having shipped cars from Roseville, CA to Winnetka, CA for years, our driver knew that I-5 S was the best route to use.

Convenient 2020 Chevrolet Colorado Pickup Crew Cab Transport

After 6 and a half hours of being on the road, our driver was finally at the terminal where our client wanted his car delivered. He carefully offloaded it and was ready to leave.

Hal Foster updated the client on their car having been delivered. He was really happy because we had delivered his car safely and a day before the deadline. always works towards putting a smile on our client’s faces.

Our car shipping services are affordable and accessible from any part of the country. Our drivers are highly experienced and know the fastest routes. To ship any car, call us today through (800) 757-7125.

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Transport Specialist

Hal Foster

Hal is the go-to guy for all oversize equipment. Anything from construction equipment to heavy machinery. He understands the need to get your freight delivered on time. Hal walks you through the transport process step by step, because he wants all his clients to be confident working with him. Thanks to his professionalism, they always are.

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