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Specialized 2020 Land Rover Discovery Car Transport

Natasha Post / January 2021



Hal Foster, one of our dedicated specialists was contacted by a client who needed his 2020 Land Rover Discovery shipped from Cary, NC to Charleston SC. With a deadline of 7 hours, Hal Foster had to act quickly. He started to process the shipping request as soon as he got off the call with the client.

He fully insured the car and gathered all the necessary paperwork. Hal Foster was shipping another car;/. to Charleston, SC the same day. Therefore, he decided that a step deck trailer would be the most suitable trailer to use.

" Both clients were extremely happy because we had delivered their cars on time and safely. "

Reliable 2020 Land Rover Discovery Car Shipping Services

When he contacted one of our drivers in Cary, NC he gave him the address where he was to pick up the 2020 Land Rover Discovery. He also gave him the address where he was to pick up the other car.When the driver got to the car dealership, he carefully loaded the car onto the trailer and strapped it down.

On his way to Charleston, SC, he passed by the second address where he picked up the other vehicle. With years of experience, he decided that I-95 S was the fastest route to use. He stopped a couple of times to tighten the straps.

Pour dedicated specialists identify trailers suitable to ship our clients vehicles. With different types of modern state of the art trailers, Autotransport has a trailer ideal to transport any type of vehicle.

Fast and Easy 2020 Land Rover Discovery Car Transport

After 4 and a half hours, he was unloading the car he had picked up last. He then proceeded to the address where he was to drop off the 2020 Land Rover Discovery.

He also managed to unload it successfully. Both clients were extremely happy because we had delivered their cars on time and safely. offers expedited car shipping services to clients who need their cars shipped urgently. ships both single and multiple vehicles at affordable rates. To transport any car with, call us today through (800) 757-7125.

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Transport Specialist

Hal Foster

Hal is the go-to guy for all oversize equipment. Anything from construction equipment to heavy machinery. He understands the need to get your freight delivered on time. Hal walks you through the transport process step by step, because he wants all his clients to be confident working with him. Thanks to his professionalism, they always are.

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