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Natasha Post / October 2020



Hal Foster, one of our top specialists, got a call from a car dealership that needed some multiple cars delivered from Atlanta, GA to Gainesville, GA. Being multiple cars, he started to process the order immediately and acquired full insurance for each one of them.

At, we care about our client’s vehicles and always ensure they are all fully insured before any dispatch. This is to guarantee them compensation in case any accident occurred while they are still in our possession. When Hal confirmed that he had processed each of the multiple cars, he called one of our professional drivers near the pickup location and sent him to pick up the cars.

Careful Loading Multiple Vehicles in an Open Trailer

All our drivers are professionals whom we have handpicked and trained on how to be efficient when it comes to handling our clients vehicles.

When he got to the location, he packed in a field where he was to load all the four cars. He carefully loaded each of one of them in our open trailer and ensured to carefully strap it down. At, we have a variety of latest trailers to meet our clients needs.

Our resources allow us to ship multiple cars all at the same times, single cars including luxurious and classic ones. Our driver eventually called Hal, updating him the loading was successful and he was dispatched to make the shipment.

" Our resources allow us to ship multiple cars all at the same times, single cars including luxurious and classic ones. "

Fast and Reliable Multiple Car Shipping Services

The shortest route to get to the destination was through highways I-85 N and I-985 N. Our driver drove carefully to avoid overspeeding after an hour, he was already at the drop off point. He again offloaded the cars carefully and beat the clients deadline.

Our services are reliable and available to every client across the country. Our services are very affordable without any hidden charges. Our team of dedicated specialists is always ready to answer questions of what you might want to know. To get our free estimate, call us today through (800) 757-7125.

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Transport Specialist

Hal Foster

Hal is the go-to guy for all oversize equipment. Anything from construction equipment to heavy machinery. He understands the need to get your freight delivered on time. Hal walks you through the transport process step by step, because he wants all his clients to be confident working with him. Thanks to his professionalism, they always are.

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