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Using an open-sided trailer to transport your vehicle is ideal because it is safe, fast, and affordable. Even so, it is not the best transport option for you if you are moving your high-value vehicle.

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Shipping a Car on an
Open-Sided Trailer

Are you thinking about shipping your car? Feel free to choose a transportation option that you deem best for your vehicle. As you do it, consider using an open-sided trailer. If you are transporting only one vehicle, a flatbed truck is enough. For many cars, you can go for a two-story trailer arrangement.


Open auto transport comes with several advantages. These include:


Using an open-sided trailer to transport vehicles is convenient because it guarantees safety. The driver can check on it at any time and confirm that it is secure. On top of that, the cars are always securely placed by either locking them in or chaining them down. This minimizes the chances of theft even when the driver has pulled over to rest for some time.


If yours is a tight budget, open car shipping is your best bet. When compared to other transportation options like enclosed auto transport, it is way less expensive. With it, you can pay less, and your vehicle will still get to the intended destination. This is one of the reasons why most people like using open-sided trailers to transport cars. You can still have some cash left after paying the transport costs.


Another advantage of using open auto transport is that it is fast. If you want your vehicles to reach their destination within a short time, you should go for it. Due to its speed, using open-sided trailers to move vehicles has a higher demand nowadays. This has encouraged truckers to drive the trailers more.

Suitable for Many Cars

Using an open-sided trailer is ideal because it can accommodate many vehicles. This saves you the time and cost of transporting one at a time. To ensure that all of them are safe, all you need to do is go for a trustworthy auto shipping company for the transport services.

For Common Vehicles

Open auto transport is excellent if your vehicle is standard and has an average value. However, even with its safety, it is not the best for shipping the following:


  • Classic cars
  • Antiques
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Race cars
  • Sports cars
  • Specialty cars
  • Cars of sentimental value to you

Keep in Mind

  1. What You Need to Know

    As you contemplate using open-sided trailers to ship your vehicle, here are a few things that you should know:

    Your Car Will Be Exposed to Bad Weather

    Even with all the advantages that come with open transport carriers, they lack protection against bad weather. Therefore, your vehicle should be able to withstand all weather elements, including rain, snow, hail, and hot sun. It might also have a lot of dust and insects when it gets to the destination.

    There Will Be Multiple Stops

    This usually happens when the open-sided trailers are transporting many cars. They have to stop several times at different locations. Additionally, the terminals are set by the auto transport companies, and you should be willing to go there to pick your vehicle.

    Using an open-sided trailer to transport your vehicle is ideal because it is safe, fast, and affordable. Even so, it is not the best transport option for you if you are moving your high-value vehicle.

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