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We regularly deal with classic car collectors or dealers and we have built healthy, longterm relationships with these customers. If you would like to contact any of our other customers we would be more than happy to assist you.

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Questions to Ask Your
Auto Transport

It goes without saying that insurance is a key factor to consider when shipping your classic cars or trucks. If possible, get a copy of the company’s insurance policy prior to transportation. Doing so guarantees that the cover you are getting is adequate and you know your rights if anything does go wrong. We recommend that you should always use a shipping company that will offer you insurance greater than the value of the automobiles you are shipping. Having insurance coverage that is greater than the value of your car will remove any financial risk from your vehicle’s transportation.

Whilst incidents that require insurance claims are extremely rare here at Auto Transport, we offer excellent insurance policies just in case. Even though accidents that cause damage are uncommon it is always better to stay on the safe side. Feel free to contact us for any further information regarding the insurance cover we provide for classic cars.


Many companies, including Auto Transport, offer free shipping quotes. However, some companies add extra hidden charges at the last minute. The last thing you want when trusting a company to transport your automobile is hidden charges that make you feel as though you have been misled. To avoid this, before your classic cars or trucks are picked up for shipping ask the company for a full list of everything included in the quote.

The Auto Transport team is always upfront about the prices of our services and our free quote estimates include all aspects of your vehicle transportation as long as you have provided us with all of the correct information. For a free, no-obligation shipping quote use our online quote tool.

Ask for Past
Transport References

Any reputable automobile hauling company will be able to provide a list of references that can honestly review the company. Online reviews, including those on third-party websites, can be very helpful when deciding which shipping company to use for your classic car transportation. However, online reviews can be manipulated. Talking to a credible source will provide you peace of mind that the company you are trusting with your classic cars or trucks is reliable.

Ensure They Have Multiple
Years of Experience

  1. Auto Transport regularly deals with classic car collectors or dealers and we have built healthy, longterm relationships with these customers. If you would like to contact any of our other customers we would be more than happy to assist you.

    Our goal is to help you transport your classic cars safely and efficiently. If you need any further information about our classic car or truck transportation services you can call us today on (800) 757-7125.

  • > If you would like to know anything more about the car transport services we offer at Auto Transport then call us on (800) 757-7125 or click the link to receive your free quote today.

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