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How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

Natasha Post / September 2020



When looking for an auto transport company, you want to go with an experienced company and experienced salesman. has been around for over 10 years and we have gained great amounts of knowledge and experience in satisfying our customers.

Our salesmen understand the shipping process and will always make your shipment smooth. From recommending the best trailer for your vehicle to dispatching on time, they have gained a lot of knowledge over the years to make the shipment successful. The best companies work with only the best drivers, and have protocols that smaller companies don't. Therefore, reducing your strain and chances of problems happening on the road and before.

Our drivers are licensed and verified. We only work with the best drivers who can deliver your vehicle on time regardless of circumstances. Our drivers have skills to make deliveries even during harsh weather conditions. In addition to that, they have learnt of the shortest routes after having made deliveries for so long.

Rely On Reviews

The auto transport industry relies on reviews. From BBB, Transport Reviews, Google Reviews, name them. You want to go through as many review platforms as possible. Through reviews, you get to learn about a company because you can see comments from customers who have been served before you. is one of the top rated auto transport companies with customers leaving great comments about their experience with us.

We read all our reviews and take any positive criticism to make our services better and give our customers stress free experiences. Reviews tell alot about a company and if they don't have good reviews, there's no reason to hire them. Even if they have an excuse, keep looking. Search! Search! Search!

" Ensure that you look for the companies that strategically pass you through stings of departments. "

Consider Car Shipping Cost

By nature, we are always drawn to the cheapest option to save some money. However when it comes to auto transport, you should never choose the cheapest option. When comparing prices, there will be a few prices that stand out or seem too good to be true. Usually, this industry relies on the market going rate. So no company can offer you amazing prices as there are thousands of other options they can fill their trucks with. Make sure to compare.

At, our car shipping cost is very affordable. We never exaggerate our prices. We follow the market ranges and give our customers competitive prices. Any company offering prices that are lower than the normal market prices should not be trusted.

Most of these companies do not have resources and lure clients with cheap prices only to cause them a lot of inconveniences and delays at the end. You also find that a cheap company cannot afford to insure your car and incase of an accident, you will not be compensated.

Choose a Single coordinator

When speaking to your company, make sure the representative you speak with will be your SOLE contact other than the driver. Usually, companies who upcharge customers, change dates or don't deliver what they promise. Ensure that you look for the companies that strategically pass you through stings of departments. For example, our transport services are conducted as follows; Salesman > Dispatch > Driver > Customer Service.

The salesman you talk to from the start, will communicate with you until the end. Having a chain like this one ensures there is great communication between the customer and the company. As a customer, it is also easy to hold the salesman who served you responsible incase of delays for example as opposed to calling a company that has no order to clarify something.

Make sure to ask them ahead of time who will be your contact, and who will help you once you book. Working with a single representative will make sure you are treated properly and no information is lost or changed. With this information you can now select a high quality car transport company with certainty.

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Expert in all in things auto-transport. Natasha has been with the company for 3 years and is actively reaching new milestones for the company with her marketing team.

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