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Natasha Post / September 2020


LinkedIn is an automobile transportation services provider with operators across the country. Our car shipping services are extended to clients looking to transport multiple vehicles and single vehicles.

With the resources we have accumulated over the years, we guarantee timely and secure deliveries. Jason was recently tasked with the transportation of five vehicles from Chino, CA 91710 to Diamond Springs, CA 95619. T

he intrastate shipping request came from a car dealership and was to be made on the same day.

Affordable Multiple Vehicles Transport With Auto

Jason and his team came up with a suitable route and loaded the vehicles. After all the details were confirmed, the shipment was dispatched, and the information relayed to the client. During the shipping operation, integrity checks were made after every 50 miles.

Our highly skilled specialists checked the straps and chains at each stop. Several adjustments were made depending on the road conditions ahead.

" Jason and his team ensured the client was satisfied with the services. " takes pride in the multiple cars we have shipped over our years of operation. Our fleet of carriers and trailers can handle any car model transport over long and short distances.

As we make shipments across the country, we keep track of the various routes to use; that way, all our future car shipping operations are guaranteed to run smoothly. In our many years of wheel chair van shipping, we have amassed resources and experience to make any car shipping request successful.

Fast and Convenient Car Shipping Services With is the trusted car shipping services provider across the country. With affiliates located in all 50 states, our operations run smoothly and guarantee timely deliveries.

Jason confirmed the destination of the car shipment when it was close to the requested drop off point. Several arrangements were made in preparation of the offloading operation, including finding a paved surface and ample space.

After the offloading operation was complete, a thorough check was carried out to determine the condition of the vehicles. Jason and his team ensured the client was satisfied with the services.

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