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In the car shipping evolution, we at have been a major role player. We have seen through car shipping in and out of the country safely and securely. Despite our reassurance to our clients of a smooth and successful delivery we have gone a step further to insure all our palpable resources and personnel. With each hire from our clients to deliver their cars we deploy all our unlimited resources to affecting that. Our trailers are of all sizes and hence we have a wide range of vehicles we can transport in singles or in large numbers. 

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We have for years now been shipping cars to the city of Trenton. All our endeavors here have been nothing short of exceptional. Our team of researchers have been engrossed in a non-stop study about the city. We have mastered all major routes linking the city and also learnt exclusively about the minor streets, all this information sorts us a great deal in delivering cars. At we inspect our clients cars before we begin our shipping processes and also during the transit. Our drivers are dedicated and informed handlers whom our clients can call us anytime to enquire about their vehicles progress. Call us today.

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Trenton is the major city in New Jersey. The city’s roads are under the municipality’s maintenance. The highways within the city include the John Fitch Parkway (section of Route 29) and the Trenton Freeway, a portion of U.S Route 1. The two, U.S Route 1 and Route 29 are connected in South of Trenton by Route 129.Other highways are the U.S Route 33, 31 and 206. The interstate highways affecting the city are interstate 195, 295 and 95. We have made it our responsibility to reassure our clients of fast and safe delivery by disclosing our knowledge on routes.


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