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As the first car transportation company, we make sure to keep all potential clients within Tacoma well-informed. This includes informing them of our services and future company undertakings. Our qualified support team will give you guidance on different rules and regulations which are also crucial in any shipping operation. We immediately get things moving once your order is processed and start the delivery process. All the necessary paperwork required when transporting your cargo is made available. The documents are handed over to the drivers who then hit the road while continually remaining in communication with the support team. This enables the drivers to pass any information, especially when faced with a problem on their way. While in connection, the support team can, in turn, provide live traffic updates to the team on the road facilitating easy navigation through the city. 

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Ship a Car to Washington Securely will monitor your shipping process right from processing your order to delivering your shipment. Regardless of where the delivery is being made within the city, we make sure to employ enough resources. This ensures the operation is carried out smoothly with no delays whatsoever. We understand time is crucial in any shipping process. We guarantee to dispatch your order once it is processed immediately. You can contact us using our toll number for any assistance related to shipping operations. Our support team will be more than willing to help.

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Interstate 5 is the most dominating highway in Tacoma city. It links the city to other parts of the state including Seattle to the north and Portland to the south. The roads provide with a natural gateway to the central part of the city. Other major highways which either pass or end in Tacoma include I-705, SR 7, SR167 etc.


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