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Lakeville is a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul, located 20 miles from the twin cities in Dakota County, and one of the fastest-growing cities in the region. When the Dan Patch railroad was built by Marion savage to bring tourists to his amusement park in 1910, Lakeville began to become notable. The agricultural industry and milling made the city flourish during the early part of the 20th century, and farming is still practiced in the region. Airlake industrial park and its servicing Airlake regional airport allow many of the city’s residents to avoid the commute to St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Bloomington. After the treaty of Traverse des Sioux was signed in 1851, the indigenous peoples ceded most of the Minnesota lands to the south and by 1885 a military road had been constructed to connect the southern forts with fort Snelling. What began as a wayside village between St. Paul and Saint Peter grew to become a town named Prairie Lake, and in 1858 was established as Lakeville Township.


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The busy I-35 serves Lakeville and Dakota County, accommodating car carrier traffic for pickups and deliveries for the city. At the Lyndale Bridge, our vehicle movers cross the Minnesota River and link us with US-65 out of Minneapolis. Country road 70 is currently being expanded to a 4 lane highway that can handle commuters from Kensington Boulevard, Cedar Avenue and Kenrick Avenue in Lakeville, Minnesota. Improved safety and increased vehicle moving traffic have resulted after the interchange was constructed to provide a junction for US-65 and I-35W.



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